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A Podder™ Hero Among Us
Thu, 10/24/2019 - 14:14
In recognition of Diabetes Awareness Month, we’re highlighting members of the Insulet team who also use the Omnipod® System themselves, or care for a Podder™. Introducing, Brandy!

I’m Brandy Barnes. I’ve been a Podder™ since 2012 and I have worked at Insulet since 2015 as a Territory Manager in North Carolina.

Working in the sales field has provided the opportunity for me to serve as a liaison between physicians and their patients. This includes sharing with providers the ways that Pod Therapy can help their patients in ways they have never considered, talking to consumers and preparing them for how their life is going to improve, and making sure everyone has a positive customer service experience with the Omnipod® System.

My favorite part about working at Insulet is that our customers are so grateful for Pod Therapy and the help we provide. It is the only job I have ever had where the people I work with have referred to me as a “hero” or a “lifesaver.” Patients and their families are beyond grateful when you improve their quality of life so dramatically!

I also have the tremendous honor and opportunity to influence the way a physician thinks about and treats patients with diabetes. It is unbelievably rewarding to open a physician’s mind to a new way of treating their patients — and open doors for people with diabetes to experience the freedom of the Omnipod® System.

As a Podder™, the Pod has given me the freedom to do all of the same things I would do if I didn’t have diabetes. My goal has always been not to allow diabetes to stop me from doing anything I want to do! The Omnipod® System has allowed me go whitewater rafting, swim with sting rays, travel to many foreign countries, and wear whatever clothes I want to wear (without having to think about where to put my pump) - just to name a few. That is a life well-lived - and quality of life is something you can’t put a price tag on!

Diabetes has taught me to be more aware of and more compassionate for others who have “invisible illnesses”. I have heard, “but you don’t look sick” too many times to count! You can never tell by looking at someone what they might be dealing with.

I’m proud to work for Insulet because it is a very patient-focused organization.


Brandy Barnes

Territory Manager

Podder™ since 2012

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