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Resource Guides for Podders™

The following resource guides may help you to understand how to use your Omnipod® Insulin Management System. Please note that these resources are intended to be used along with your diabetes management plan and input from your healthcare provider.

Pod and Dexcom G6 shown without necessary adhesive. Dexcom G6 sold separately and requires a separate prescription.
Pod shown without necessary adhesive.

Resource Guides

Pod Placement Guide & Adhesion Tips and Resources

Carb Counting Guide

Toby's T1D Tale App

First Few Days as a Podder:
English Interactive (Mobile)

First Month and Beyond as a Podder:
English Interactive (Mobile)

Getting the Best Results with Your Pod: English

Pod University™

Use these educational guides to learn more about living with diabetes.

Blood Glucose 101: English | Español | Interactive (Mobile)

Insulin & Lifestyle 101: English | Español | Interactive (Mobile)

Insulin Therapy 101: English | Español | Interactive (Mobile)

Nutrition 101: English | Español | Interactive (Mobile)

Preparing for Pump Therapy 101: English | Español | Interactive (Mobile)

Optimizing Basal Insulin 102: English | Español | Interactive (Mobile)

Optimizing Bolus Insulin 102: English | Español | Interactive (Mobile)

Exercise and Diabetes 102: English | Español | Interactive (Mobile)