Pod University™:
Lessons on managing life with diabetes

Living with diabetes and managing your or your loved one’s health can seem overwhelming at times—there’s a lot to learn. That’s why we have created Pod University, a one-stop, online source of educational materials to help guide you along the way. Designed for patients, caregivers, and educators, “Pod U” offers easy-to-understand and insightful information about diabetes and diabetes care.  

Pod U 101 Resources

A series of printable cheat sheets specially designed for those just getting started learning about life with diabetes.

Omnipod - Blood Glucose 101

Blood Glucose 101

Learn the basics of how blood glucose works in the body as a necessary first step in understanding what diabetes is, what it isn’t, and how to live a full, simplified life with diabetes.

Omnipod - Insulin and Lifestyle 101

Insulin and Lifestyle 101

Learn how you or your loved one can manage insulin without letting it interfere with hobbies, relationships, and other aspects of day-to-day life.

Omnipod - Insulin Therapy 101

Insulin Therapy 101

Learn more about how insulin therapy works, the different types available, and the benefits of pump therapy.

Omnipod - Preparing for Pump Therapy

Preparing for Pump Therapy

Pump therapy can simplify managing your insulin and give you back your daily freedom to focus on the important things. Learn more about what pump therapy is and how it can help empower people living with diabetes.

Omnipod - Nutrition 101

Nutrition 101

Anyone with diabetes needs to be aware of how food and nutrition can affect their health. Get equipped with real facts and nutrition and how to make healthy food choices when living with diabetes.


Pod U 102 Resources

A series of printable guides that provide a deeper dive into the science behind insulin types and more.

Omnipod - Optimizing Basal Insulin 102

Optimizing Basal Insulin 102

Basal insulin is one form of insulin that helps keep blood glucose stable between meals. Learn more about how it works, factors that can affect your body’s basal insulin needs, and what type of basal program might work best for you.

Omnipod - Optimizing Bolus Insulin 102

Optimizing Bolus Insulin 102

Managing bolus insulin is more than just giving a shot at mealtime. People with diabetes need bolus insulin along with food to keep producing energy, and there are choices available for how to receive it. Discover more about bolus insulin, from what it is to different therapy options.

Omnipod - Exercise and Diabetes 102

Exercise and Diabetes 102

Just like nutrition, exercise is another important component for a healthy lifestyle—especially for people with diabetes. Get up-to-speed with the latest research about the impact of exercise on diabetes, along with empowering lessons about how different types of activity affect blood glucose.


Omnipod® 411

Ready to ditch multiple daily injections and tubes? Get more information about a wearable insulin pump therapy that can help simplify life for diabetes.