All your Omnipod® 5 resources, all in one place.

Whether you are new to insulin pumps, Omnipod, or have been a Podder for years, Omnipod 5 is different. Completing your Setup and Training helps provide you with the resources you need to get the best results from your new Omnipod 5 System. Find the steps to getting started below, along with other useful tips, reminders, and answers to frequently asked questions.

Omnipod 5 Pod left PDM no adhesive Omnipod 5 Pod left PDM no adhesive
Pod shown without the necessary adhesive.

Received your Omnipod 5 and ready to get started?

Visit to:

  • Register your Controller
  • Select your required training path
  • Complete eLearning modules on PodderCentral®

FAQs and Product Support

Frequently Asked Questions
Explore topics including SmartAdjust technology, Phone Control, Glucose Monitoring and more.

Answers to top questions about everyday use of the Omnipod 5 Automated Insulin Delivery System, curated by the Product Support Team.

Managing Glucose Levels with Omnipod 5
Understand the keys to success when using Omnipod 5 in Automated Mode.

Adhesion Guide
Looking for extra support to keep your Pod securely in place? Check out these tips.

Training Resources

PODCAST: Omnipod 5 Pro Tip Series
Hosted by the Juicebox Podcast, learn tips to make the most out of your Omnipod 5 experience.

SmartAdjust™ Technology 101: How the Omnipod® 5 Works
This video has all you need to know about how Omnipod 5 adjusts insulin delivery and adapts to your unique needs.

Settings Transfer Guide – new users
If you’re switching to Omnipod 5 from another Omnipod product,use this guide during training to help transfer your settings.

Settings Transfer Guide – current users
If you’re already using Omnipod 5 and switching to a new Controller or the Omnipod 5 App on a compatible smartphone, use this guide during setup to help transfer your settings.

How-To Videos and User Guides

From System basics to the finer details, we've got you covered with a range of Omnipod 5 System video tutorials and user guides.

Video Tutorials


Omnipod 5 Software Version 3.0

Omnipod 5 Software Version 1.1

Mobile Apps and Data Management

Use these tools to control the Omnipod 5 System from the convenience of a compatible smartphone (see full list of compatible smartphones), or the free Omnipod 5 Controller—a touchscreen device provided at no additional charge with your first prescription.