Ask Me Anything with Lauren Bongiorno

As a virtual Diabetes Health Coach and someone who’s had type 1 diabetes for almost 20 years, Lauren Bongiorno hosted an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on her Instagram Stories answering several questions from her followers about summer and Omnipod®. We thought her answers were so great that we wanted to share them here with our Podder™ community, plus include a few that didn’t get answered during the original post.

Q: What made you choose Omnipod?
A: I went on my first pump when I was 9 years old. It was a tubed pump and was all I knew until about 5 years ago when I discovered Omnipod. I always felt confined by the tube and was getting it caught on things like the doorknob so switching to Omnipod as a tubeless option was so appealing.

Q: What makes Omnipod the best choice for summer?
A: When I was younger, I always found it easier to tuck my wired pump in sweaters, jackets, and pants and more challenging in the summer when I was in bathing suits, shorts, and dresses. The best part about Omnipod is the freedom that comes with wearing it in the summerswimming*, running — and it not getting in the way of outfits.

Q: My current pump makes wearing dresses a little tricky. What restrictions are there with Omnipod?
A: There aren't any! Since you can wear your pump on your thigh, stomach, tricep, or upper backside, you don't have any interference.

Q: At the beach I usually disconnect my pump. With Omnipod I’d be concerned about tan lines. Thoughts?
A: Rock those tan lines! For things like showers, swimming*, or workouts, even though you're only taking the pump off for anywhere from 5 minutes to an hour, you can be missing out on basal insulin.

Q: Where do you wear your Omnipod when you’re at the beach?
A: I don't plan my Pod placement based on the beach. Wherever it is, I'll just make sure to keep it covered up if I'm laying out in direct sunlight!

Q: Where do you wear your Omnipod during the summer to give you the most flexibility?
A: My site rotation doesn't change up with the seasons. I'm continuously switching between 6 different spots to avoid scar tissue from building up. Any of the 6 sites really gives me flexibility in the summer or any other time of year.

Q: When you get dressed up, where’s your favorite place to wear an Omnipod?
A: While I'm all about body acceptance and not having shame around my Pod being out in the open, every now and then if I have an event or going somewhere nice, I love having my Pod somewhere hidden (upper backside or upper thigh).

Q: During the summer, I spend more time outside. What should I do to make sure my Pod stays secure?
A: If I know I'm going to be sweating a lot or swimming*, I'll put an overlay patch on (PodPals®) before I go out. I don't always use these because I find the Pod sticks really well on its own, but when I need extra certainty, I'll put the patch right over it!

Q: Have you ever gotten a sunburn when you’ve been on Omnipod? Can you place the Pod over a sunburn?
A: I've definitely had my share of sunburns and if I'm putting on a new Pod, I avoid the burned area.

Q: How much in advance do I need to put on sunscreen before applying my Pod to prevent adhesion issues?
A: You should definitely avoid getting sunscreen near the infusion site as these products may loosen the adhesive.

Q: Have you heard anything about when Omnipod 5 is coming out?
A: I haven’t, but I can’t wait. In the meantime, I do know that Omnipod offers everyone the opportunity to upgrade to their newest technology at any time, for no additional cost with their OmnipodPromise – subject to your insurance. So, if you’re thinking of trying Omnipod or Omnipod DASH, there’s no need to wait. You’ll just need a prescription from your doctor.

Q: I use an Omnipod too, but I’ve never put it in my leg. Does it hurt more/get in the way?
A: Everyone’s body and muscle distribution is different so you have to find the spots that work for you. My leg is my favorite spot by far. I’m so glad I tried it initially because now I have a total of six sites that I rotate my pump site between.

Q: I’m probably getting a pump soon. Would you recommend the Omnipod to others?
A: Finally taking the plunge to get on a new pump is so exciting! I think that it’s important to think about what you value. For me, being tubeless gave me so much more freedom in my life and that was why I switched to Omnipod.

Q: Do you find that your Omnipod falls off?
A: My Pod falls off sometimes, but in my experience, it comes off a lot less than when I was on a pump with a wire. With a wired pump, I was constantly getting it pulled out from getting caught on doorknobs or draws. With the Pod, the adhesive patches (PodPals®) really help it stay on tight. My tip is to make sure your skin is cleaned with alcohol and completely dry before putting a new site on.

Q: Have you ever had insulin in your pod go bad after a hot day in the sun?
A: For me personally, when I’m laying out in direct sunlight — like on the beach* for example — I’ll cover the Pod with a t-shirt, so it doesn’t have direct exposure. I’ve found that if I’m just outside walking or doing yard work, even if it’s hot out, that it’s not so much of an issue!

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*The Pod has an IP28 rating for up to 25 feet for 60 minutes. The PDM is not waterproof.
*To be eligible for 30 Days of Freedom Trial Program, you must complete and sign Program Enrollment and Personal Information Forms and may be required to submit additional documentation. Patients must have been prescribed Omnipod DASH for an FDA-approved indication. For new Pod Therapy patients coming from multiple daily injections or tubed pumps only. Free Omnipod DASH trial program is not available to beneficiaries of Medicare, Medicaid or other federal health care programs, or to members of certain commercial health plans. You agree not to sell, trade, return for credit or seek insurance reimbursement for the PDM or free Pods. After the 30-day trial, your out-of-pocket cost for Pods will depend on your insurance coverage. Other restrictions may apply. Cancel at any time. 30 Days of Freedom Trial Program terms and conditions are subject to change.