Podders™ in the Diabetes Community

With Podders™ worldwide, our community is as diverse as it gets.

Our Podders™ choose Omnipod® because they trust us to help them manage their diabetes* so that they can live their lives to the fullest. And our work doesn’t stop there – we also collaborate with a variety of organizations in the diabetes community to advocate on behalf of people with diabetes.

*Over 93% of Podders we asked told us they trust their Omnipod® to manage their diabetes. The majority reported positive changes in the following: overall well-being (53.5%), perceived control over diabetes (72.5%), hypoglycemic safety (50.6%), and diabetes distress (69.6%).

Polonsky, Hessler, Layne, Zisser. Impact of the Omnipod® Insulin Management System on Quality of Life: A Survey of Current Users. Diabetes Technology & Therapeutics, Volume 18, No. 10, 2016.

Get to Know Some of Our Podders™

From energetic toddlers to teenage athletes to busy seniors, the Podder™ community is as diverse as it gets. See how the lightweight, tubeless Omnipod® is helping to change lives for the better.

Our Role in the Diabetes Community

Through partnerships with a number of professional medical organizations and diabetes non-profit organizations, we support the diabetes community’s efforts to increase awareness, improve access, and accelerate innovation.

PodderTalk™ Blog

We created PodderTalk™, our blog, to help Podders™ and their families better understand the Omnipod® System and learn more about diabetes. Check out our blog for profiles on Podders™, articles written by Certified Diabetes Experts on diabetes management, inside stories about happenings at Insulet, the company behind the Omnipod® System, and more.