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Managing diabetes through the seasons

Sometimes the changing seasons can mean a change in your diabetes management, too. Starting new routines can be a wonderful time to go back to the basics to consider how things like your work or school schedule, new activities or


<p>In this episode of Sean Busby’s Heroes, Sean talks with Jonny Brainard about his experience with camps for children with type 1 diabetes.</p>

<p>When I started my Freshman Year of college I knew things were about to make a full 180° spin.

<p>While so many people compare life with diabetes to a never-ending roller coaster ride, I’m proof that real-life roller coasters can be fun!

<p>Have you ever had one of those days? You wake abnormally high or low, you take a bolus to get your glucose down or suspend insulin delivery to bring it back up, and then the melee ensues:</p>

<p>Growing up in New England, my ten-year-old son Miles knows a thing or two about Spring Fever. Even before the last of the snowstorms, he’s dreaming of green grass, warm sun and hours of outside play, because in his world, spring means one thing: baseball!</p>

<p>Counting carbs at every meal, figuring out how much insulin to dose and having to regularly stick my son with needles are all a huge burden, not to mention waking up every couple of hours and constantly worrying about his levels, day or night.</p>

<p>Have you ever felt pure joy? Something that radiates from your inner being and throughout your body until you feel like your skin is dancing? Something that plants a permanent smile across your face that can’t be removed no matter what? Adults tend to lose that sensation.

<p><em>Elle Shaheen is a 19-year-old student at Harvard College and a proud member of the Podder™ community.

<p>I have been on a pump for more than 15 years now and a CGM for more than 10. A lot has changed with the technology, size and options in pump therapy. started out on a tubed pump and made the transition to Omnipod soon after it came to market mostly for athletic benefit at the time.

<p>The third and last leg of pregnancy can sometimes be described as rough, and it can be, but you know what else it is? Amazing!

<p>Less than 24 hours before embarking upon her first full marathon, 32-year-old Podder™ Torrey McKnight was nervous, but excited to show the world, and herself, that diabetes didn’t have to keep her from pursuing her dreams.</p>

<p>Late last summer, parts of the United States and Puerto Rico were devastated by extreme weather with Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, Maria and the California Wildfires.

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