Pregnancy, Fashion and Type 1 Diabetes: Catching Up With Olga, Part 3

The third and last leg of pregnancy can sometimes be described as rough, and it can be, but you know what else it is? Amazing! It's so close to the finishing line and my blood sugars have finally stopped doing the dramatic ups and downs (thanks to my close doctor/nurse supervision from my diligent endo team). I have energy, no nausea and my baby is actively kicking, moving and prepping me for the work ahead when she graces us with her presence.

I gotta be honest though, I'm nervous too. I have a two-year-old that's becoming more aware of the world and wants his mama's attention when we're together, so I can only wonder how he will be when I have a little lady to tend to. As patient as my little boy is, will he be able to wait as I juggle checking my blood sugars, making food, feeding or changing the baby? All logical questions, and ones that certainly cross all moms’ minds, diabetic or not.

Rightfully so, us diabetic mamas have a lot on our plates, especially when it comes to taking care of two little kiddos and our demanding health requirements. I have said it before and I'll say it again, before going on the Omnipod I REFUSED to be attached to an insulin pump. And I mean I shut the idea down the moment any doctor tried to bring it up. The idea of that scared and angered me. 'Me? Attached to that thing like some sort of robot?! No thanks! I can do this on my own!' I would say angrily. And I never could do it on my own, not like how I can do it with the Omnipod!

The reason I have been so happy with my health is that I finally realized I needed help. I had a doctor, almost eight years ago, give me an option and it was one that I am immensely grateful for. She suggested I get the Omnipod instead of the more popular tubed pump alternative and see how that therapy would work for me. I decided to try it out and I never went back to shots.

Just recently my husband surprised me with a romantic dinner to a local Italian restaurant. Afterwards we went to see Titanic in 3D and yes, I cried 3D tears as well, because... Jack Dawson. :)

I felt so special that evening. I put on my new maternity dress and wore my pump on my leg (couldn't really tell that much unless you really looked) and I felt like a million bucks! I didn't feel like a robot at all. I have never felt like a robot with Omnipod actually. The only thing I felt is free and liberated from the shackles of worry, especially during something so important as the gestation of my babies. Partnered up with my Dexcom blood sugar monitoring system, my life seems as close to normal as it can get. I love the ease of being able to change my basals, boluses or even suspending my pump when I need to. I could never have that kind of control with shots. So now my biggest worry is not how I could properly manage my diabetes with shots, but what kind of dress I want to wear that'll make my baby bump look the cutest.

I am a passionate diabetic, so diabetes is always on my mind, but not with the stress and agitation like it was when I was on shots. Having a close relationship with my healthcare team and having the Dexcom and Omnipod systems have made my life tremendously easier. Fashion is fun for me, but it will never replace the importance of my health, which will always come first.

Written by Olga Barrett