Omnipod® 5 FAQs:
Dexcom G7 Integration

We, along with the community, are excited for the release of the Omnipod 5 System with Dexcom G7 integration which is currently in a limited market release.

When will Omnipod 5 be compatible with the Dexcom G7 CGM?

Is the Dexcom G6 being discontinued now that the Dexcom G7 is available?

How can I participate in the Limited Market Release for the Omnipod 5 with Dexcom G7?

Will I need new Omnipod 5 Pods when Dexcom G7 CGM compatibility is available? (current user)

Will my adaptivity re-start when I switch to the Dexcom G7 CGM when available? (current user)

If I start Omnipod 5 today, will I be able to upgrade to Omnipod 5 with Dexcom G7 integration if desired?

Can I use the Omnipod 5 System now if I’m using a Dexcom G7?

I’m currently using the Dexcom G7 CGM and want to start on the Omnipod® 5 System. Am I able to change to the Dexcom G6 CGM and how would I do that?

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