Omnipod® System Frequently Asked Questions

Omnipod Insulin Management System

The Omnipod Insulin Management System and its supplies will no longer be available in the United States after December 31, 2023.

If you are currently using the Omnipod Insulin Management System, please click here for more information or use the link below to begin your upgrade to the Omnipod® 5 Automated Insulin Delivery System or the Omnipod DASH® Insulin Management System.

Common Questions about the Omnipod Insulin Management System

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Using the Omnipod System

Can I swim or shower with the Omnipod® System?

Can I travel while using the Omnipod® System?

Can I play sports while wearing a Pod?

How close do the Pod and Personal Diabetes Manager need to be to each other?

How the Pod Works

What type of insulin should I use with the Pod?

How much insulin does the Pod hold?

Where on my body can I wear the Pod?

How long do I wear each Pod?

How the Personal Diabetes Manager Works

Does the Omnipod® System provide data download/management capability?

How long do the batteries last in the Personal Diabetes Manager?

Customer Care and Common Questions

What happens if I lose or break my Personal Diabetes Manager?

Do you offer 24/7 customer support?

Do you offer customer support in Spanish?

*The Pod has a waterproof IP28 rating for up to 25 feet for 60 minutes. The Personal Diabetes Manager is not waterproof. 

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