Pod Placement Guide


Because there is NO TUBING, you can wear the Pod most places you would give yourself an insulin injection. Please note the recommended positioning for each body area.

Placement Techniques for Best Results

Site Selection

  • Change the site location each time you apply a new Pod; improper site rotation may reduce insulin absorption.
  • The new site should be at least 1 inch away from the previous site, 2 inches away from the navel and not over a mole, tattoo or a scar.
  • Be careful not to put it where it will be uncomfortable or dislodge when you sit or move around; for instance, don’t place it near folds of skin or directly under your waist band.

Pod Positioning

  • Arm and Leg: Position the Pod vertically or at a slight angle.
  • Back, Abdomen and Buttocks: Position the Pod horizontally or at a slight angle.

Pinching Up

This step is critical if the insertion site is very lean or does not have much fatty tissue.

  • Place your hand over the Pod and make a wide pinch around the skin surrounding the viewing window. Then press the Start button on the Controller/PDM. Release pinch when the cannula inserts.

    Warning: Occlusions may result in lean areas if you do not use this technique.