Smart, discreet
and hard to lose.

The Omnipod DASH® Insulin Management System can help simplify life with diabetes. The Personal Diabetes Manager (PDM) has a “Find my PDM” feature, for when it grows legs and walks away. The wearable Pod is easily forgotten, but never left behind. That’s why we call it tubeless, wireless, continuous insulin delivery.

1 Pod replaces up to 14 injections

SOURCE: Insulet Internal Data. Data based on syringe injections.

How does Omnipod® work?

3 easy steps every 3 days

1. Fill it up

The Pod contains a 200-unit insulin reservoir. Once filled, it automatically primes itself and performs a series of safety checks.

2. Stick it on

Place your Pod almost anywhere you would give yourself an injection. The cannula (a small tube) inserts automatically.

3. Tap it out

Use your PDM to control your insulin delivery with a few taps of a touchscreen.

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the Pod and PDM.

More Tips

Where can the Pod go?

  • Place the Pod almost anywhere you would give yourself a shot

  • Wear it everywhere you go

  • Replace it about every 3 days

  • The Pod has an IP28 rating for up to 25 feet for 60 minutes. The PDM is not waterproof.

What can the DASH PDM do?

Use the PDM to communicate with and control the Pod through Bluetooth® wireless technology.

  • Set and adjust basal rates

  • Bolus using current blood glucose (BG) reading and integrated calculator

  • Enter your own bolus dose

  • See your last bolus and last BG

  • Track your insulin on board

  • Search nutrition on 80,000+ foods in the CalorieKing® library (English only)

  • Set notifications and alerts

  • Wirelessly update software

The wireless world of Omnipod DASH

The wireless world of Omnipod DASH

Omnipod DASH creates a seamless network of communication so you can identify trends and proactively manage your insulin levels.

Integrated data with Insulet Provided Glooko

See all your diabetes data on one screen by integrating your PDM with the Glooko app.

  • Sync data from your Omnipod DASH, continuous glucose monitor, and exercise tracker

  • See patterns and trends in your insulin levels so you can actively manage it

  • Share everything seamlessly with your doctor

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Looking for the next step?

Connect with an Omnipod Specialist, or start with a no-commitment, free 30-day Omnipod DASH® trial*. Get started to check your eligibility and coverage benefits.

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*To be eligible for 30 Days of Freedom Trial Program, you must complete and sign Program Enrollment and Personal Information Forms and may be required to submit additional documentation. Patients must have been prescribed Omnipod DASH for an FDA-approved indication. For new Pod Therapy patients coming from multiple daily injections or tubed pumps only. Free Omnipod DASH trial program is not available to beneficiaries of Medicare, Medicaid or other federal health care programs, or to members of certain commercial health plans. You agree not to sell, trade, return for credit or seek insurance reimbursement for the PDM or free Pods. After the 30-day trial, your out-of-pocket cost for Pods will depend on your insurance coverage. Other restrictions may apply. Cancel at any time. 30 Days of Freedom Trial Program terms and conditions are subject to change.