Omnipod® System and Diabetes Resources

These Omnipod® System training resources are intended to help users get the most out of their Omnipod® Insulin Management System. These resources should be used in coordination with guidance from the user’s healthcare provider and diabetes management plan.

Getting Started on the Omnipod® System
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Getting Started on the Omnipod® System

Patients should read the following carefully before they begin using the Omnipod® System.

Guide for Podder™ Kids and their Caregivers

Guides for Children who use the Omnipod® System and their Caregivers

The Omnipod® System is the #1 prescribed Pediatric Insulin Pump1. We recommend that parents, family members, school nurses, and anyone who may assist a child with Type 1 Diabetes read these guides to better help them to understand the Omnipod® System and manage possible challenges.

  • The Caregiver Guide provides guidance to caregivers of children with diabetes who use the Omnipod® System.
  • The Smart Sitter Resource Guide explains how to care for children with Type 1 Diabetes for a short period of time, and also provides suggestions for finding sitters with T1D.
Video Tutorials and Training

Video Tutorials

For those who prefer to learn visually, our video tutorials break down the steps required to use the Omnipod® System, from applying the Pod to programming the Personal Diabetes Manager.



PodderCentral™ is our digital home for people who use the Omnipod® System. Eligible users of the Omnipod® System can use PodderCentral™ to reorder Pods, update their delivery information, and more.

Insulet Provided Glooko

Insulet Provided Glooko Data Management

Insulet-Provided Glooko allows Omnipod® System users to upload and view all of their diabetes data from over 70 devices to one place.

Mobile Applications

Mobile Applications

Our data management platform and mobile applications allow users to manage their data and access resources from their smartphones.

PodU Logo

Pod UniversityTM

Pod UniversityTM (Pod U) is an educational series that supports short teaching sessions between Healthcare providers and patients. Each focused topic is covered on a double-sided page. The first in the series, Pod U 101 starts at the beginning of the patient journey with basic diabetes topics. Future Pod U releases will accommodate the more advanced needs of the patient.

 Blood Glucose 101

 Insulin & Lifestyle 101

 Insulin Therapy 101

 Nutrition 101

 Preparing for Pump Therapy 101

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Frequently Asked Questions for Patients provide detailed responses to the most common questions we receive from users and their families.

  1. According to dQ&A Q1 2018 Patient Panel Survey. Share of parents of children with Type 1 Diabetes on an insulin pump who had been prescribed the Omnipod® System was higher than for other pumps. Statistical significance of results calculated at the 95% confidence level.
  2. The tools and information above have been created for the UST400 PDM Model. The model number can be found on the back of the PDM.