Resource Guides for Podders™

The following resource guides may help you to understand how to use your Omnipod® Insulin Management System. Please note that these resources are intended to be used along with your diabetes management plan and input from your healthcare provider.

Pod Placement Guide

Pod Placement Guide

Wear the Pod with comfort. Because there is NO TUBING, you can wear the Pod comfortably most places you would give yourself a shot. Please note the Pod Placement Guide for recommended positioning for each body area.

 View the Pod Placement Guide

 Download the Pod Placement Guide in English

 Download the Pod Placement Guide in Spanish

SmartSitters Resource Guide

Sitter Resource Guide

Our Sitter Resource Guide helps parents to explain critical diabetes management tasks to those caring for their child while they’re away for a short period of time. It also provides emergency contact information, as well as suggestions for finding a babysitter who also has Type 1 Diabetes.

 View the Sitter Resource Guide

 Download the Sitter Resource Guide

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Carb Counting Guide

This guide will address other questions that you may have while using Pod Therapy about counting carbs.

 View the Carb Counting Guide

 Download the Carb Counting Guide

Sugar Medical Bag

Omnipod® Accessories

Give your Personal Diabetes Manager a little style – and some added protection - with these insulin pump accessories and supplies. Choose from a variety of stylish supply bags and accessories.

 Omnipod Accessories 

My Omnipod® Mobile App

PodderCentral™ App

The PodderCentral™ makes it easy to manage your account and unlock the full capabilities of Pod Therapy. Podders™ who order directly from Insulet Corporation are able to order Pods, check order status, change personal information, and even pay bills*. 

 PodderCentral™ App

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Toby’s T1D Tale™: A Tablet App for Kids

Toby’s T1D Tale™ tablet app is an educational resource geared towards kids to help them learn more about diabetes. The app follows Omnipod® mascot Toby the Turtle™ from diagnosis to treatment as he, his family, and his friends learn how to manage diabetes.

 Visit Toby’s T1D Tale™

PodU Logo

Pod UniversityTM

Pod UniversityTM (Pod U) is an educational series that supports short teaching sessions between Healthcare providers and patients. Each focused topic is covered on a double-sided page. The first in the series, Pod U 101 starts at the beginning of the patient journey with basic diabetes topics. Future Pod U releases will accommodate the more advanced needs of the patient.

  Blood Glucose 101

  Insulin & Lifestyle 101

  Insulin Therapy 101

  Nutrition 101

  Preparing for Pump Therapy 101

  Optimizing Basal Insulin 102

  Optimizing Bolus Insulin 102