Staying Podsitive – Kate’s Thoughts on Tokyo 2021

I had a plan. I planned to make the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and represent my country in just a few short months. Most everyone in the world had plans too, not just me. I think that is what is so difficult about this situation; it is not having to social distance or stay inside day after day, but it’s having to come to the realization that all of our plans have changed so suddenly. BUT, this is bigger than all of us. Yes, our plans for the future may have changed and it is okay to be upset since we have worked so hard to get to where we are now. However, what matters most right now is saving lives.

There was no doubt in my mind that the decision to postpone the Olympics until 2021 was the right one. The health of the athletes, fans, officials, and the general public is far more important than even the Olympics. Tokyo 2021 just means another year to get stronger, faster, and more powerful. My dream has always been to make the Olympics and if having that extra year to perfect my craft will get me there, then I am okay with that.

For me, “Podsitivity” is key right now. I know that it can be easy to get caught in a rut during these difficult times due to going from busy, scheduled days to virtually no commitments. Most people with diabetes, like myself, thrive off of having a routine in place from day to day, but now there is no such thing as routine. Despite this, I am trying my hardest to keep some sort of a routine throughout my day to help keep that podsitivity high. Actually, my blood sugars have been better than ever during this quarantine and I attribute that to staying busy as often as possible.

Here is what I have been doing for the past month to stay podsitive:

  • I’m taking this time to give myself a little bit of a mental break. For the past year, my sights have only been on the 2020 Olympics. This is a good thing, but it’s not often that I get to just clear the mind from the pressures and expectations for a little bit.
  • I’m still training, but it is now limited to at-home bodyweight workouts. Bodyweight workouts are my favorite, so they are without a doubt helping me get through the day.
  • I never had time for home projects that have been on my to-do list for months, but now I have all the time in the world! The past month I have put a backsplash on my kitchen wall, cleaned more (which I oddly enjoy), and started gardening. Surprisingly, I have enjoyed these home projects so much that I have watched the least amount of Netflix than I ever had before.
  • I have more time to focus on what my blood sugars are doing from day to day. Life had been so busy that I didn’t make enough time to just stop and look for patterns. Now I don’t even have to go back and look through previous blood sugars to know if I am having a pattern of highs or lows. I’m so much more aware of what my blood sugars are doing and what I need to do to keep my numbers steady.

These times are hard. There are so many unknowns for everyone. All we can do is take this one day at a time and do our part. It could help save a stranger’s life or even the life of someone we know. Especially for those of us managing diabetes for ourselves or our loved ones, it can be incredibly hard to be out of our routines, but I encourage you to try and create your own new routines. Do something you’ve always wanted to do but never had time for. I know we can get through this.

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