Pregnancy, Fashion and Type 1 Diabetes: Catching Up with Olga, Part 2

I have passed into the "I FINALLY have energy!" trimester, a.k.a. the second trimester of pregnancy. My husband and I went to the symphony recently. I had two…errr... three things that are pretty obvious on my body now. First is my Omnipod (on my left arm), second is the CGM (continuous glucose monitor, on my right arm). What’s the third one? You guessed it  ̶  my growing belly bump!

Would you believe it when I say I bought this dress a year ago, when my husband and I took a trip to Spain and I wanted a dress to wear to the Opera we attended in Madrid? Yep. A small size 6 that went on beautifully, like a glove. Now, I'm almost 15 pounds heavier, and this dress fits more like a leather glove trying to fit onto a clammy hand!

The belly was most certainly comfy, but it was a bit tight in the chest and stomach area. Honestly, this dress was still worth it because it was a perfect color for fall and the length is extraordinary for my tall frame. My arms were comfortable too, as they held on to my precious medical devices. And guess what  ̶  I didn't even care that they were only covered by a thin sheet of see-through burgundy lace! And guess what else  ̶  I don't think anyone cared either!

Fall is probably the best time to be pregnant, in my opinion. Leggings all day, every day. Oversize sweaters, huge blanket-like scarves, boots, tunics, etc. This is already the beloved staple of the pregnant woman's fashion, but it becomes even sweeter when everyone else can join in on the fun! I cannot wait to wear my sweater dresses with leggings. It's still warm out in Chicago(?!?) so I'm still somewhere in between summer and fall gear. But as soon as it cools down a bit, you better believe I'll be donning the best that fall fashion has to offer. And since I'm all about comfort, this is THE SEASON for me! Who else is excited?!

On a side note, pregnancy has been going wonderfully. Baby is doing great and I'm staying on top of my BGs (blood glucose levels) with my endo team. It's crazy to think that when not pregnant I have contact with my endo maybe every three months, but while pregnant, we make changes every week. Every. Week. My body is constantly changing and requires more and more insulin as the baby develops. Although this is so much work, it is so worth every email, phone call, office visit and blood draw!

Happy health to all you mama's, mama's-to-be and Omnipod fashionistas!

Written by Olga Barrett