A Different Kind of Homework: Learning to Live with Diabetes

Sophomore year of college looked a bit out of the normal for me—instead of catching football games, joining new clubs and going out on the weekends exploring the town, mine included a lot of time learning outside the classroom.

Unlike most of my peers, who were only responsible for their school work, this was the year I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. My first few years of college included studying how to check my blood sugar, calculating how much insulin to take with my meals and when my blood sugar is above target, learning how to treat low and high blood sugars and just understanding how to live again. You see, I didn’t know anyone with type 1 diabetes prior to my diagnosis and I was completely ignorant towards what this disease entailed, which was 24/7 care in order to stay alive.

At the time, my major was accounting, so naturally the math aspect of my diabetes management was a breeze for me. But there was something missing with this degree. After sitting down for my Omnipod® System training at my endocrinologist’s office, I decided to change my major to nutrition and pursue my registered dietitian credentials, as well as become a certified diabetes educator.

Fast forward almost 8 years later, and I stand here a healthy person with diabetes helping others like me. As an RD, CDE and a Clinical Services Specialist working for Insulet, I touch other Podders™’ lives each and every day. Instead of crunching numbers and helping people with their taxes, I get the opportunity to be part of so many individual diabetes journeys and impacting people for the rest of their lives.

While diabetes might not give you a break or allow you to stop thinking about what decision to make next, it has opened so many doors. I cherish the people I have been able to help, by making diabetes a little less of their day.

Written by Chelsea Hrovat, Clinical Services Specialist and Podder™ since 2012