Your Omnipod DASH™ Welcome Kit comes with the following custom-made accessory items for your convenience:

•     A high-quality carry case to house your Omnipod DASH™ System and all necessary supplies such as insulin, lancets, and test strips
•     A branded Omnipod DASH™ PDM Skin
•     An Omnipod® branded DASH™ PDM Screen Wipe

Starter Kit


Omnipod® Adhesive Overlays

Looking for additional adhesion support during the summer months, sports or water activities? We’ve got you covered. Try PodPals™ an adhesive overlay accessory for the Pod, developed by the Omnipod® Team! 

  • Ideal for the summer months, water activities and active lifestyle
  • Waterproof and flexible material
  • Class I Medical Device (tested and sterilized)

For more information download our PodPals™ PDF.

Pod Pal

For active days, give your Pod a Pal

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Give your Personal Diabetes Manager a little style – and some added protection - with these Omnipod® insulin pump accessories and supplies.Their selection includes great styles for women, men, and children. Choose from a variety of stylish Omnipod® supply bags and accessories by visiting


Sugar Medical Bags

Omnipod DASH™ Carry Cases

Stay organized and stylish with your supply with a Sugar Medical Omnipod DASH™ Carry Cases.*

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Sugar Medical Bag

Omnipod DASH™ System Purse

The Omnipod DASH™ System Purse is ideal for traveling.*

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DASH Gel Skins

Omnipod DASH™ PDM Skins

For a splash of color and style little style – choose from a variety of Omnipod DASH™ PDM Skins.*

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Sugar Medical Omnipod® System Cases

Sugar Medical Bags

Sugar Medical Cases

For a splash of color and style, check out Sugar Medical’s supply of bags and cases designed specifically for the Omnipod® Insulin Management System*

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Additional Accessories available for the Omnipod® System

Give your Personal Diabetes Manager a little style – and some added protection. Order yours today by calling Insulet at 800-591-3455 and choosing Option 2. Credit cards only. Please note that prices listed below do not include tax and shipping costs.

Omnipod® System Case

Omnipod® System Case

Price: $20.00
SKU: 13153

Omnipod® System Case

Omnipod® System Case

Price: $20.00
SKU: 14017

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