App Setup

With the Omnipod® 5 System, there are two ways to use the Omnipod® 5 App:

  1. On the provided Controller
  2. On a compatible smartphone*

Depending on which you choose, your initial setup instructions and screens may vary slightly. You’ll also need to download and use the Dexcom G6 App on your own personal smartphone.

Use this course to guide you along first-time setup or refer to it later when you’re ready.

Connectivity to cellular data or Wi-Fi is important when using the Omnipod 5 System. Staying connected will allow you to be notified of important updates, as well as allow seamless auto uploading of your data to Insulet’s secure cloud. The provided Controller is equipped with a SIM card that allows you to connect to cellular data at no cost to you. If you’re using your own compatible smartphone, you’re likely already connected with your own data plan. In either case, be sure to connect to your home or work Wi-Fi network.

When using your own compatible smartphone, there are a few settings requirements needed to use the App. Be sure to comply with each requirement when they are displayed.

In order to complete setup and training, you must first complete the setup process at the Omnipod Setup Portal: During first time setup of the Omnipod 5 App you’ll be directed to PodderCentral® to login or create your Insulet ID.

  • Go to and sign in with your existing Omnipod ID or create an Omnipod ID account. These same credentials are also used to sign in to your Omnipod 5 Controller.
  • Link your data management account and connect your Omnipod 5 data to your doctor using their unique code.
  • Select your training format.
  • Completing the Omnipod 5 eLearning Modules.

Once complete, you’ll be asked to enter your Omnipod ID back in the Omnipod 5 App on your provided Controller. If you intend to use the Omnipod 5 App on a compatible smartphone, you must first log into the Omnipod 5 App on the Controller. This is a one-time process. Afterward, you can sign in to the Omnipod 5 App on your compatible smartphone with the same username and password. After initial setup of the App, you’ll be prompted to enter your prescribed initial basal and bolus settings. This video will guide you through the screens you need to complete during this process.

Do not change your settings without adequate training and guidance from your healthcare provider. Initiating and adjusting settings incorrectly can result in over-delivery or under-delivery of insulin, which could lead to hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia. Always follow the advice of your healthcare provider and the User Guide provided with the Omnipod 5 System.

*For a list of compatible smartphone devices visit

Watch the video to learn more about accessing the Omnipod 5 App.

Training is essential and must be completed before using the Omnipod 5 System. As part of this process, you will need to meet with your healthcare provider and visit to complete setup and schedule your required training.

Omnipod 5 Resources:

Omnipod 5 Pro Tip Series: 

The Omnipod 5 Automated Insulin Delivery (AID) System is cleared for individuals with type 1 diabetes ages 2 years and older. The Omnipod 5 System is intended for single patient, home use and requires a prescription.

The Omnipod 5 System is compatible with the following U-100 insulins: NovoLog®, Humalog®, and Admelog®.

For complete safety information including indications, contraindications, warnings, cautions, and instructions visit Consult your healthcare provider before starting on Omnipod. U.S. only.