Soakin’ in the Sun: Summer Tips for Protecting your Omnipod®

Summer has finally arrived! Here are a few friendly reminders of how to keep your Pod and Omnipod® 5 Controller or Omnipod DASH® Personal Diabetes Manager (PDM) running smoothly so you can enjoy yourself outdoors all summer long!

Be wary of bug sprays and sunscreens. We all know how important bug spray and sunscreen is this time of year for those warm summer nights and hot sunny days, but be careful as these types of solvents may cause cracks in the Pod casing, letting water in the pump, which will trigger a pump alarm. To avoid exposing the Pod, remember to apply these types of products carefully or with your hands.

When snorkeling, wear your flippers and your Pod! Unlike traditional tubed insulin pumps, the Pod has a waterproof IP28 rating for up to 25 feet for 60 minutes. But leave your Controller or PDM in your beach bag as they are not waterproof.

Keep it Clean. Let’s face it — summer adventures can lead to dirt and grime. To clean your Pod, or after exposure to salt, pond, or pool water, gently wash it with a clean, damp cloth, or you can use mild soap and water. As mentioned above, we don’t recommend strong detergents or solvents, as these may damage the Pods casing or irritate your skin at the infusion site.

Make a Splash, without losing your Pod! Do you have a killer cannonball? Make sure your Pod survives your splash by using PodPals® — an adhesive overlay to help keep your Pod in place during extreme activity. Here’s how to order them!

Lighten Up! Sitting on your patio and the sun is too bright to read your PDM? If you’re having trouble reading your PDM in bright conditions, there are different steps to take depending on your PDM version. Omnipod 5 Controller: Navigate to Settings > General > Screen Display > Brightness. Then, place your finger on the dot of the slider to adjust to your desired brightness. Omnipod DASH PDM: Navigate to Settings > PDM Device > Brightness. Then, place your finger on the dot of the slider to adjust to your desired brightness. Omnipod® System PDM: Press and hold down the User Info/Support button for 2 seconds.

Last tip: Savor Summer! Splash into that pool, roast those marshmallows, and spend quality time with family… the Pod will be there with you every step of the way.


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*The Pod has a waterproof IP28 rating for up to 25 feet for 60 minutes. The Omnipod 5 Controller and DASH PDM are not waterproof.
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