Be a Podder™ in Three Simple Steps.

New Omnipod® System customers, please complete the setup process with your healthcare provider or your Certified Pod Trainer.

If you have any questions about setting up your new PDM, please call Customer Care. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 800-591-3455 (when calling from outside the United States, please call 978-600-7850). If you have any questions about your individual pump therapy settings, please contact your healthcare provider.

Download the Quick Start Guide as a PDF. 

Kishon K. podder since 2014
Kishon K. Podder™ since 2014

How to Navigate the Setup Wizard
  • Use the Up/Down Controller buttons on your Personal Diabetes Manager (PDM) to increase or decrease a number or to move up or down a list.
  • Press the soft key labeled Next, Select, Confirm, Save, or Done to continue to the next screen.
  • Press the soft key labeled Back or Cancel to return to the previous screen.
  • The function of each soft key shows on the screen above each button.
Enter Your Settings Carefully

It is very important to enter your settings accurately into your new PDM. Follow this Quick Start Guide carefully. Refer to your Omnipod® System User Guide if you need additional information.

Step 1. Set Up Your PDM
Set up your Personal Diabetes Manager (PDM) using the Omnipod® System Setup Wizard.

For this step, you will need an accurate clock, such as your watch, alarm clock, or mobile phone. You will also need your personal settings to enter in the new PDM. If you are a current Omnipod® System user, retrieve these settings from your current PDM. If you are a new Omnipod® System user, you must complete the setup process with your healthcare provider or a Certified Pod Trainer.

  1. Insert the AAA batteries included with your PDM into the battery compartment on the back of the PDM. 
  2. The Setup Wizard appears the first time you turn on your PDM. It will guide you through the setup process. Follow the prompts on each screen to set:
    • Your ID name – the name you will use to identify your PDM
    • Your ID screen color – you can choose from white, green, blue, orange, or purple
    • Current time and date 
    • Maximum basal rate
    • Initial basal rate and/or program
    • Temporary basal method
    • Blood glucose (BG) sound setting and BG goal
    • Suggested bolus calculations and associated targets, ratios, and factors (if applicable)
    • Bolus increment
    • Maximum bolus
    • Extended bolus method
    • Low reservoir volume alert
    • Pod expiration notification
Step 2. Activate a New Pod
Once your PDM is set up, it will ask if you would like to activate a Pod. Follow the instructions on your PDM to activate a new Pod.
  1. Assemble the following supplies:
    • PDM
    • Unopened Pod
    • Alcohol prep swabs
    • Vial of room temperature rapid-acting U-100 insulin
  2. Wash your hands with soap and water. Clean the top of the insulin vial with an alcohol prep swab.
  3. Remove the fill needle and syringe from the Pod package. Twist the fill needle clockwise onto the top of the syringe. Do not use any other type of needle or filling device besides the syringe provided with each Pod.
  4. Remove the syringe protective cap from the needle. Draw air into the syringe equal to the amount of insulin you will use. You must fill your syringe with at least 85 units of insulin. Insert the needle into the vial and inject air.
  5. Turn the vial upside down and slowly withdraw insulin from it. Tap or flick the filled syringe to remove any bubbles.
  6. Remove the needle from the vial and insert it into the Pod insulin fill port. An arrow on the white paper backing points to the fill port. Do not inject insulin into any other location on the Pod. Leave the Pod in the tray while you are filling it with insulin.
    • To ensure proper fill, do not insert the fill syringe at an angle into the fill port.
  7. Inject insulin into the fill port. The Pod will beep twice. Remove the needle from the insulin fill port. Replace the needle’s protective cap and remove the needle from the fill syringe.
    • NEVER inject air into the fill port. Doing so may result in unintended or interrupted insulin delivery.
    • NEVER use a Pod if you feel resistance while depressing the plunger of the fill syringe. This condition can result in interrupted insulin delivery.
  8. Place the Pod in the tray to the right of and touching the PDM to ensure proper communication. Press Next on the PDM. The Omnipod® System performs a series of safety checks and automatically primes the Pod.
Step 3. Begin Insulin Delivery
Follow the instructions on your PDM to begin insulin delivery.
  1. Review the Pod Placement insert or the Omnipod® System User Guide to help you decide where to place your Pod. Wash your hands with soap and water. Use an alcohol prep swab to clean the site. Let the site air dry thoroughly. Do not blow on the site to dry it.
  2. Remove the clear needle cap on the underside of the Pod when the when prompted by the PDM. Pull firmly upward on the outermost edge.
  3. Remove the white paper backing from the adhesive tape. If the Pod is wet or dirty or the adhesive backing is folded, press Discard on the PDM and begin again with a new Pod.
  4. Apply the Pod to your selected site when you have verified that the Pod is OK. Use your finger to seal around the adhesive edge. Press Next on the PDM.
  5. Press Start on the PDM. The needle is inserted to place a cannula under the skin. You will hear a click and feel a slight pinch.
  6. Look through the Pod’s viewing window to check the cannula. Check the infusion site to ensure that the cannula was properly inserted.
  7. Check the surface of the Pod; you should now be able to see the pink slide insert in the window on the top surface. If the cannula is not properly inserted, press No on the PDM. Press Discard to deactivate the Pod and begin the process with a new Pod. If the cannula is properly inserted, press Yes on the PDM.
  8. Check your BG 1.5 hours after you activate a Pod. Your PDM will display a reminder to do this. It will also remind you to check the infusion site to ensure proper cannula insertion. After you complete these checks, press OK on the PDM.

Before continuing with the Omnipod® System Insulin Management System, refer to your User Guide for detailed operating instructions.

The Pod has a waterproof IPX8 rating for up to 25 feet for 60 minutes. The Personal Diabetes Manager is not waterproof.