Omnipod® System Video Tutorials & Training

Do you have questions on how to use the Omnipod® Insulin Management System? Our helpful training videos walk you through priming and activating your Pod, checking your blood glucose, managing your Personal Diabetes Manager’s alerts, and more.

Using the Omnipod® System

When to Change Your Pod


How to Remove Your Pod


What You Need to Activate a New Pod


How to Fill Your Pod with Insulin


How to Prime Your Pod


How to Select an Infusion Site on Your Body


How to Prepare an Infusion Site


How to Apply Your Pod to an Infusion Site


How to Insert the Cannula from Your Pod Using the PDM


Helpful Reminders, Advisory Alerts & Alarms




Blood Glucose Testing with the Omnipod® System

When to Check Your Blood Glucose


How to Set Up a Lancing Device


How to Insert and Calibrate FreeStyle Test Strips


How to Obtain a Blood Sample & Apply It to a Test Strip


Understanding Blood Glucose Test Results from Your PDM