Omnipod DASH®:
How to request a replacement

Not able to use your Pod for the full session? You may be eligible for a replacement.

You can either use the online portal available in PodderCentral®, or you may call us for assistance at 1-800-591-3455.

What information do I need to provide to be considered for a Pod replacement?

Whether you call Product Support or are using the online product replacement form available on PodderCentral, we require the below information:

  • Controller/PDM Serial Number
  • Pod LOT
  • Pod Sequence
  • Alarm Code (if due to Hazard Alarm, Occlusion, or Blockage)

We also ask questions about the experience leading up to the lost Pod. Dates, glucose levels, and even information from your doctor’s visit, when available, can be helpful for our teams to provide the best possible support.