Our Educational iPad App about Diabetes for Kids

Toby’s T1D Tale iPad app is an educational resource for kids and their families to help them learn more about diabetes. Developed by Insulet Corporation’s clinical and product teams in coordination with caregivers and a pediatric psychologist, the app aims to engage, inform, and empower the youngest members of the diabetes community through an innovative mobile interface. Toby’s T1D Tale is also useful for educators and nurses, and is a great way to explain diabetes to siblings.

Toby’s T1D Tale follows Omnipod® Insulin Management System mascot Toby the Turtle from diagnosis to treatment as he, his family, and his friends learn how to manage diabetes. The app breaks Toby’s story into chapters that can be read or listened to, followed by interactive trivia questions and actionable tips.

Download Toby’s T1D Tale

Our mobile app is available for US residents on iPad only. We continuously work to improve our app for Podders™, so be sure to turn on notifications for future updates!

 Download Toby’s T1D Tale through iTunes

System Requirements

Apple Users:
  • Apple device running iOS 8.0 or later
  • 131 MB of available space