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Here you will find information about Type 1 diabetes, experiences living with diabetes from our diabetes community and articles from our own Omnipod® System users - our Podders™.

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Diabetes: The Basics


Preparing for pump therapy

Before you start using your new Omnipod® System, it may help to understand some key concepts and expectations. This guide will define key terms as well as provide you with insights and tips. Read More

Meet our podders

First Few Days as a Podder™

You are now among thousands of Podders™ around the world! It can be overwhelming to change how you manage your diabetes, but don’t worry, our team is here to help you! Read More 


First Few Months as a Podder™

Once you have been using the Omnipod® or Omnipod DASH® Insulin Management System for a month, things tend to get a little easier. By now, your initial settings have likely been adjusted to better match your body’s needs. Read More

Living with Type 1 diabetes

Living it up Low Carb

Living it up Low Carb

I have always seen on social media that a lot of others with T1D choose to follow a low or lower carb sort of lifestyle so I thought I would give it a go. Now I’m a very... Read more

Misconceptions of Type 1 Diabetes

T1D Misconceptions

Recently I was in a new work situation where I found myself telling at least one person everyday that I was a type one diabetic and along with this usually comes with at least one question... Read more

A day in the life of a Type 1 Diabetic

A day in the life: Cally Roberts

Throughout my day I had 29 thoughts about diabetes. I am going to document them all below so you can see exactly what diabetes-related things crossed my mind on this particular day and... Read more

 Stay Positive

6 Ways to Stay Positive

I feel like recently whenever I talk about my diabetes it always seems to be in a negative way hahaha but I swear it isn’t always bad. I do have a LOT of good days... Read more

Myrthes header

My life with Diabetes

I was 5 years old when I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. My diabetes celebrated its 18th birthday last January. 18 years of finger pricking, injecting, site changes and pod changes and counting carbohydrates... Read more

Watching the numbers

Watching the Numbers

The other day diabetes was really getting on the nerves. I managed to stay calm for a little while but everything seemed to come piling down at me all in one go… Read more

Podder™ Talk Blog

Building the Bridge

Bridging the Gap

We’ve all heard it before, that diabetes is caused by too many sweets. The sad but true stereotype that those with diabetes have trouble... Read more


Riding the Tides of Change

Doing things differently has always been a constant part of my life. It isn’t because I want to stand out or because I think I am too good... Read more

Managing stress

Tools to manage stress

These last couple of weeks have asked a lot of us, both mentally and emotionally. COVID-19 has disrupted much of our daily routines... Read more


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