Everything you need, on the go!

Sync your Omnipod DASH® Personal Diabetes Manager (PDM), and compatible blood glucose meter (BGM), continuous glucose monitor (CGM) and exercise tracker to see all of your data in one place.

Share your data directly with your HCP and the rest of your care team to get support in between meetings.

Identify patterns and determine which day and time of day you are in the best control.

Omnipod PDM data can also be uploaded and viewed in Tidepool's data management system.

Download the Insulet Provided Glooko Mobile App

Download the free Glooko mobile app onto your iOS or Android smartphone or tablet, and create an account to get started.

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Glooko Mobile

Steps to enable Automatic Upload with Insulet Provided Glooko®:

  1. Once activated, this new feature will automatically upload the PDM’s data to a user’s Glooko® account every 24 hours.
  2. For more information on how to enable Automatic Upload download the user guide.


  1. For further assistance in setting up your PodderCentral account, please contact Insulet Product Support.


Sync and Manage Your Data

  1. Your Omnipod DASH® USB cable included in your Starter Kit allows you to upload data immediately to your PC/Mac.
  2. If you would like to sync data from other diabetes devices or to your Android device, order additional cables here.




Contact Glooko Support

Glooko Quick Start Guide for DASH

Guide to Getting Started with Insulet Provided Glooko

Our quick start guide walks you through getting started with Glooko, from installing the app and creating an account to viewing graphs and understanding reports.

 Download the Omnipod DASH® Glooko Quick Start Guide as a PDF

Connect a Compatible CGM to Glooko for Integrated Data

Integrate Your CGM and Omnipod® System Data

Connect a compatible Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM) to Glooko by following these 3 simple steps

 Download the Glooko CGM Integration Guide PDF