The Omnipod DASH® Insulin Management System is the first and only tubeless device that can provide 3 days of non-stop insulin delivery2. This simple, easy to use system lets you live life on your terms, free from the hassles of tubing and daily injections.

Its unique design consists of just two parts; a lightweight, tubeless, waterproof7, wearable Pod controlled by a smartphone-like touch-screen Bluetooth® enabled controller, minimizing the number of components to carry.

PMD Pod Combo

The Pod can be worn almost anywhere an injection would be administered. Automatic insertion to activate the Pod means never having to see or handle a needle — and our suite of Mobile apps for iPhone/iOS users allow even more discretion and convenience, providing remote access to diabetes data, making diabetes a smaller part of life. Available through the pharmacy with no commitment or lock in periods, depending on insurance.

97% of users would recommend to a friend3. Here's why!

The Omnipod DASH® System Feature and Benefits:

  • Up to 72 hours of nonstop insulin delivery2, meaning 1 Pod for approximately 14 shots!8
  • Tubeless and Waterproof7 Pod design with 200-unit insulin reservoir allowing you to conveniently and discreetly adjust and manage your insulin delivery anywhere life takes you, even while swimming or sleeping.
  • Automatic cannula insertion at the push of a button, so you never have to handle or see a needle.
  • Integrated Bolus Calculator, Presets & CalorieKing® that does the thinking and math for you making it easy to use.4
  • Available through the Pharmacy with no commitment or lock in periods. Includes a PDM at no cost which could save you money on out-of-pocket costs and deductibles.
  • Insulet Provided Glooko offers the ability to sync insulin delivery and compatible CGM data to one place for easy access for both you and your healthcare provider6.
  • iOS compatibility with 2 mobile apps that will allow others to remotely access and monitor insulin data
  • Omnipod DISPLAY™ widget allows access to combined view of Omnipod DASH® System5 and a CGM status.
  • Exceptional product support that is there for you 24/7.


Step 1. Fill the Pod.

Step 1. Fill the Pod.

The Pod automatically primes itself and performs a series of safety checks to prepare for insulin delivery.

Step 2. Apply the Pod.

Step 2. Apply the Pod.

Place your Pod almost anywhere you would give yourself an injection.

Omnipod DASH System

Step 3. Press Start.

The cannula inserts automatically and insulin delivery begins at the touch of a button.

The Omnipod DASH® System offers simple, smart, discreet insulin control for people diagnosed with Type 1 or insulin-requiring Type 2 diabetes. See what some of our users have to say!

“Omnipod has allowed me to take personal responsibility of my diabetes management”

Alecia B.

Alecia B.
Alecia B. PODDER™️ SINCE 2017

“Omnipod simplifies my diabetes and allows me to feel normal.”

Aidan J.

Aidan J.
Aidan J. PODDER™️ SINCE 2015

“No matter where I am I can quickly type in a few numbers and it gives me some insulin, rather than pull out a syringe and inject it. Omnipod just makes things a lot easier.”

Biren K.

Perfect for Kids!

  • The #1 Prescribed Pump for Pediatrics1
  • Only 2 parts, fewer components to wear on the body.
  • Dose wirelessly* without having to wake or interrupt your child at school, while playing or sleeping.
  • Small, tubeless and waterproof7 design allows your child to participate in daily activities with minimal disruption, even swimming.
  • Ability to set a zero basal rate for children who need less insulin.
  • The Omnipod DISPLAY™ mobile app helps you stay informed remotely, whether your child is at school, an activity, a playdate or sleepover.
  • The Omnipod VIEW™ mobile app enables nurses and caregivers to monitor up to 12 Omnipod users, keeping them informed at all times.

Which Omnipod® System is right for you?

Whether you're already familiar with the Omnipod® System and the Omnipod DASH® System or you're learning about it for the first time, the feature comparison chart below can be a helpful tool in deciding which product meets your needs best.

The Pod
Yes Waterproof* Yes
Yes 72 hours of non-stop insulin delivery Yes
Yes Tubeless Yes
Radio frequency Wireless Connectivity Bluetooth® Wireless Technology
Available through DME Coverage Benefits No lock-in period
Arm, abdomen, lower back, buttocks, leg, thigh Placement Arm, abdomen, lower back, buttocks, leg, thigh
1.53" x 2" Size 1.53" x 2"
Yes Small, flexible auto-canula insertion Yes
The Personal Diabetes Manager (PDM)
Yes Manages insulin delivery based on custom settings Yes
No Touchscreen Yes
No Wi-Fi Enabled Yes
Integrated with FreeStyle Blood Glucose Meter (BGM) Optimized for use with the CONTOUR NEXT ONE BGM provided with each Podder kit
No iOS Compatibility
  • Omnipod DISPLAY APP, for access to insulin data on an iOS smartphone1
  • Omnipod VIEW APP, for caregivers to remotely monitor up to 12 users from their iOS smartphone1
  • iOS Today View alongside Dexcom Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM) data
No Ability to Set 0 Basal Rates Yes
1.0g carb/unit Insulin to Carb Ratio Increments 0.1g carb/unit
Yes, with 1,000 common food items Food Library Yes, with a CalorieKing Integrated Food Library with over 80,000 food items
No Firmware Updates Yes
(2) AAA Non-Alkaline Battery (1) Rechargeable Lithium Ion (cord included)
  • Side-by-side and touching the Pod during activation and priming
  • With 5 feet of the Pod to deliver boluses, make changes to delivery, and/or update Pod status
  • Not required to be near the Pod when the Pod is active and delivering basal insulin
Range to Pod
  • Side-by-side and touching the Pod during activation and priming
  • With 5 to 50 feet of the Pod to deliver boluses, make changes to delivery, and/or update Pod status
  • Not required to be near the Pod when the Pod is active and delivering basal insulin
Cable upload through software, kiosk, transmitter and web application Glooko Data Management
  • When connected to Wi-Fi, the PDM will automatically upload data to a user's corresponding Glooko® account that will be displayed every 24 hours at midnight
  • Cable upload also available
Varies depending on coverage Cost PDM included in the Welcome Kit at no additional cost

No lock-in period or commitments, try today with no penalties!

90% of Omnipod users prefer Omnipod over their previous diabetes management method3. And unlike other traditional insulin pumps, if you choose the Omnipod DASH® System, you won't be locked into a multi-year commitment, since the Omnipod DASH® System is typically a pharmacy benefit. So you have nothing to lose by trying.


Provide some brief information and we can get the process started. One of our experienced customer service team members will follow up to check your benefits, coverage options and provide more information to help you get started.

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  1. dQ&A Nov 2019 Report; Both Omnipod® System and Omnipod DASH® System included in overall number.
  2. Up to 72 hours of insulin delivery
  3. Nov 2019 satisfaction survey data
  4. Available in English only
  5. Insulin dosing decisions should not be made based on data displayed on the Omnipod DISPLAY™ or Omnipod VIEW™ apps. Always follow the instructions in the User Guide that come with the PDM.
  6. The Dexcom System does not have integrated functionality with the Omnipod DASH® System.
  7. The pod has an IP28 rating for up to 25 feet for 60 minutes. The PDM is not waterproof
  8. Insulet data on file.