NOW AVAILABLE: Omnipod VIEW™ App for the Omnipod DASH™ System

With the Omnipod VIEW™ app caregivers and family members never have to wonder anymore how a child or loved one's day is going. The same Omnipod DASH™ System data that is displayed on a smartphone can also be viewed on one or more other smartphones remotely. This is an especially important feature to parents, school nurses and other support professionals who can monitor up to twelve separate Omnipod DASH™ System PDMs and  be alerted to out of range readings immediately. The Omnipod VIEW™ app offers a number of important features:

  • Remotely monitor Podder™ insulin and Omnipod DASH™ System info to help manage Podder’s diabetes1
  • Remotely receive notifications for increased peace of mind2
  • Stores the Podder's most recent PDM data for up to 7 days to view history and understand diabetes trends
  • Ability to stay informed and discreetly monitor up to 12 Podders™
  • Smartphone system notifications are customizable to each Podder™ for easy identification
  • Compatible with select iPhones
  • Compatible with the VoiceOver iPhone accessibility feature
View Mobile App DASH

Omnipod VIEW™ Mobile App

VIEW App Screen

Omnipod VIEW™ iPhone Widget

A combined view of your insulin delivery and CGM data on one screen4

User Guide Cover

Download the Omnipod VIEW™ App User Guide

Download the Omnipod VIEW™ App User Guide as a PDF

Download the Spanish version of the Omnipod VIEW™ App User Guide as a PDF

Omnipod VIEW Tips and Tricks

Omnipod VIEW™ Tips and Tricks

Download the Omnipod VIEW™ Tips and Tricks Guide as a PDF

Omnipod DISPLAY and Omnipod VIEW

Omnipod VIEW™ Flyer

Download the Omnipod VIEW™ Flyer as a PDF

Insulin dosing decisions should not be made based on data displayed on the Omnipod VIEW app. Always follow the instruction in the User Guide that came with the PDM.

  1. Includes IOB, last bolus, last BG, current basal program, system status, etc.
  2. User’s Omnipod DASH™ PDM must have connected WiFi and Omnipod VIEW™ user must have WiFi or LTE access to receive updates
  3. The Omnipod VIEW™ app is supported on any iPhone model that runs iOS 11.3 or greater. Tablets and laptop computer(s) are not supported
  4. The Dexcom System does not have integrated functionality with the Omnipod DASH™ System. iPhone widgets are mobile application shortcuts that are visible after swiping right from the home screen to the iPhone’s Today View