Today's endocrinologists are talking with more and more people who are interested in the possibility of an insulin pump. One thing you might consider is Pod Therapy instead.

Pod Therapy provides simple, effective alternatives to both MDI and tubed pumps for your Type 1 and insulin-requiring Type 2 patients. One small, tubeless, wearable, and waterproof* Pod provides up to 72 hours of non-stop insulin.

Actual Pod size: Pod: 3.9cm wide x 5.2cm long x 1.45cm high

Some Reasons to Consider the Pod

  • Simple to set up and detail with patients
  • Insulin management with less hassle
  • Pharmacy orders simplify prescribing and may reduce paperwork1
  • Optional ADEPT™ certified clinicians for initial and ongoing support
  • The Omnipod® System may reduce the complexity on insulin therapy2
  • Quick access to patient data from anywhere with Wi-Fi with Insulet Provided Glooko
  • Intuitive screen navigation and quick treatment modifications

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* The Pod has an IP28 rating for up to 25 ft. for 60 minutes. The Personal Diabetes Manager is not waterproof.

  1. No c-peptide or BG logs required.
  2. Argent Study. The methodology analyzed the User Guides for several commercially available self-managed insulin delivery system, including Insulet Omnipod® System, Tandem t:slim®, Medtronic MiniMed® 630G, MiniMed® 670G, and NovoLog® FlexPen® and formed a panel of Certified Diabetes Educators (CDEs) to evaluate which product, in their expert opinion, was the simplest to use.