Testimonials from Healthcare Professionals about Omnipod®

Listen to what various healthcare professionals, from pediatric to adult care, from the pharmacy to the clinic, have to say about their experience with Omnipod. Click on the thumbnails to hear the full testimonials.

The Clinical Benefits of a Tubeless AID

Anita Swamy, MD is a Pediatric Endocrinologist. She has an ongoing commercial relationship with Insulet Corporation.

She was struggling with a tubed pump … she would forget to put it back on … so I put her on the [Omnipod] 5. … At her two-week follow-up I saw the most remarkable difference in her Time in Range and her graph was so impressive. Everyone was crying. And she said this is so much better.” —Dr. Anita Swamy about one of her pediatric patients

Tubing is such a barrier for so many people. …. I think what we’re seeing is that tons of people that would just not even consider pumps, that are now saying ‘ok, I’m ready, I’m willing to try this because it’s finally tubeless’. And just seeing how it’s simplified people’s lives and helped them to increase their time in range and improve their diabetes outcomes.” —Dr. Diana Isaacs about Omnipod 5

Diana Isaacs, PharmD is an Endocrine Clinical Pharmacist. She has an ongoing commercial relationship with Insulet Corporation.

Simplifying Life with Diabetes

Karen Lau, MS, RDN, LDN, CDCES is a Diabetes Care and Education Specialist.

I’m quoting a word from my patient: life-saving. … She really felt the freedom … One of my patients always says, ‘ah, I pulled the tube out from other devices.’ And for this one, she’s so free, she can go anywhere and doesn’t feel like it’s bothering her life, so it makes it much easier. … she knows there is an ease of mind.” —Karen Lau, CDCES about one of her patients

If there is one word that I can say—it’ll make me cry—to describe the [Omnipod] 5, it’s a blessing. I know this personally. I’ve had diabetes for 43 years.” —Jody Stanislaw, CDCES, Naturopathic Doctor

Jody Stanislaw, CDCES is a Neuropathic Doctor and Diabetes Care and Education Specialist.

The Importance of Access Through the Pharmacy

Trang Ly, MBBS, FRACP, PhD is a Senior VP and the Medical Director of Insulet®.

Perhaps the most impactful thing we’ve done in the last year would be increasing access for our users. … We now have 90% of covered lives. So, what that means: more than 300 million people in the United States can have access to Omnipod 5. … We do that because Omnipod 5 is accessible through the pharmacy … for our users, it means they’re not locked into a four year period through the DME.” —Dr. Trang Ly

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