Omnipod® 5—Let Kids Be Kids

Omnipod® 5—The Tubeless AID that Gives Your Pediatric Patients the Best of Both Worlds

We firmly believe in simplifying life with diabetes and simplifying diabetes care. Now your T1D patients don't have to choose between the simplicity of a tubeless device and the effectiveness of an automated insulin delivery system (AID). Take a look at 3 of our Podders and the impact Omnipod 5 has had on their lives.

*Must be connected to WiFi or cellular data, and Omnipod 5 users must have WiFi or cellular data access to receive updates in Glooko.
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  • Omnipod 5 reduced time in hypoglycemia overall and overnight for children aged 2-5.9 years old2
  • Indicated for Type 1 Diabetes for ages 2+
  • Freedom from tubes and from multiple daily injections
  • Wireless data uploads* to help you make clinical decisions with confidence
  • Bolus delivery via the Controller or compatible smartphone**, so caregivers don’t have to interrupt play
  • An on-body experience with a waterproof Pod3 so whether kids are swimming, splashing, or showering, Omnipod 5 keeps working

Improved Clinical Results

In a clinical study for children 2–5.9 years old, Omnipod® 5 and its SmartAdjust™ technology resulted in:

Icon HCP Hypoglycemia


With a 1.28% reduction overnight and a 0.87% reduction overall.2

Icon HCP Range


With 81% time in range overnight and 68% overall.2

Icon HCP Stethoscope


After 3 months of use, 54% had an HbA1c under 7%, without increasing time in hypoglycemia.2

SmartAdjust™ Technology Can Adapt to Kids’ Varying Insulin Needs As They Grow

Our exclusive SmartAdjust™ technology automatically increases, decreases, or pauses insulin delivery, every five minutes, to meet your patients’ personal needs.

How it works:

  • Predicts glucose 60 minutes into the future.
  • Adjusts insulin delivery proactively using the glucose target, which is customizable from 110 mg/dL to 150 mg/dL in 10 mg/dL increments. More than one target can be set if desired.
  • Delivers insulin doses every 5 minutes (as needed) to help protect against hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia.1,2

For more of a deep-dive, watch our Omnipod 5 System Overview video.


Wondering About Getting Your
Patients Started?

Watch our Initiation, Everyday Use, and Expectation Setting video to answer some of the most common questions healthcare providers have.


No DME Lock-In Period.

We are committed to access to innovation and believe your patients shouldn’t be locked out of using the device that works best for them. That is why Omnipod products are available for prescription through the pharmacy.

  • No lock-in period.
  • No DME hurdles.

Prescribe Omnipod the same way as prescribing insulin.

1. Brown S. et al. Diabetes Care. 2021;44:1630-1640. Prospective pivotal trial in 240 participants with T1D aged 6 - 70 yrs [adults/adolescents (n= 128; aged 14-70 yrs) children (n=112; aged 6-13.9 yrs)]. Study included a 14-day standard therapy (ST) phase followed by a 3-month Omnipod 5 hybrid closed-loop phase. Mean time >180 mg/dL in adults/adolescents and children, ST vs. 3-mo Omnipod 5: 32.4% vs. 24.7%; 45.3% vs. 30.2%, P<0.0001, respectively. Median time <70 mg/dL in adults/adolescents and children, ST vs. 3-mo Omnipod 5: 2.0% vs. 1.1%, P<0.0001; 1.4% vs. 1.5%, P=0.8153, respectively. Results measured by CGM.

2. Sherr JL, et al. Prospective trial in 80 participants with T1D aged 2 - 5.9 yrs. Study included a 14-day standard therapy (ST) phase followed by a 3-month Omnipod 5 hybrid closed-loop (HCL) phase. Mean HbA1c: ST vs. Omnipod 5 use in very young children (2 - 5.9 yrs) 7.4% vs 6.9%, P<0.05. Median time 70-180mg/dL (6AM-12AM) as measured by CGM: ST = 58.2%, 3-mo Omnipod 5 = 64.3%, P<0.0001. Median time 70-180mg/dL (12AM-6AM) as measured by CGM: ST = 60.6%, 3-mo Omnipod 5 = 82.4%, P<0.0001. Median overnight time in < 70 mg/dL (12AM-6AM) as measured by CGM: ST = 3.41%, 3-mo Omnipod 5 = 2.13%, P=0.0185. Median daytime < 70 mg/dL (6AM-12AM) as measured by CGM: ST = 3.44%, 3-mo Omnipod 5 = 2.57%, P=0.0799.

3. The Pod has an IP28 rating for up to 25 feet for 60 minutes. The Controller is not waterproof.

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