Insulet Provided Glooko®

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Insulet Provided Glooko® is a data management platform that provides clear, actionable insights for enhanced treatment decisions. Combining CGM and insulin data, Insulet Provided Glooko® reports are designed to quickly identify trends and provide insights for personalized care.

Uploading Omnipod DASH® PDM to Insulet Provided Glooko®

Doctor reviewing information on computer screen - Glooko Support Doctor reviewing information on computer screen - Glooko Support

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Insulet Provided Glooko has numerous resources to help you and your Omnipod® System patients successfully use the Glooko mobile apps and web platform.

Insulet Provided Glooko® Resources

Glooko® Report Detail Aid

Key features and interpretation of Glooko® reports

CGM Sync Instructions

Connect a compatible Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM) to Glooko® by following these 3 simple steps

Print and Store Reports

Print customized report sets, and attach to patient’s chart or other desired location

To download data from your patient’s Omnipod® System/Classic Personal Diabetes Manager to Mac computers manufactured before mid -2012 utilizing Apple's OS X El Capitan or Sierra software, it is recommended to use a USB Hub.