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Ordering the Omnipod DASH® Insulin Management System

Provide Freedom with Pod Therapy

Pod Therapy is a simple, effective alternative to both MDI and tubed pumps for your patients with Type 1 diabetes. One small, tubeless, wearable, and waterproof* Pod can provide up to 72 hours of continuous insulin delivery.

The benefits of the Omnipod DASH® insulin management system

  • Intuitive Omnipod DASH® Personal Diabetes Manager (PDM) is easy to learn and fast to teach.
  • Quick and easy treatment modifications during your patient's visits which means more time to focus on the patient versus the device.
  • Personalised insulin delivery through multiple features such as a Zero Basal Rate, Fractional Insulin to Carb Ratios (0.1g/U) and various presets.
  • Insulet Provided diasend® enables user to upload Omnipod® data to diasend® enabling quick access to your patient's data.


Our Resource Guides and tutorial videos provide complete instructions that cover every aspect of Pod usage, Pump therapy concepts, preparation material, product functionalities and general guidelines.

Meet our Podders

See how a small, light, and tubeless insulin management system is helping to change lives for the better.

Insulet Provided diasend®

Find out how to make more informed insulin management decisions based on your patient’s data

Hear from our Podders™

Learn about Omnipod® patients experiences with Pod Therapy.

The Omnipod® has really given me the quality of life, it changed my lifestyle and I already can see an improvement in my Diabetes management.

Kelly Rowe
Podder™ since 2018

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Our Tubeless, Waterproof* Pod can free your patients from daily injections, tubing hassles and wardrobe compromises.

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*The Pod has a waterproof IP28 rating for up to 7.6 metres for 60 minutes. The PDM is not waterproof
†Up to 72 hours of continuous insulin delivery.
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