Prescribing Omnipod DASH®

DASH Pod Left No Adhesive 600x825 DASH Pod Left No Adhesive 600x825
Pod shown without the necessary adhesive.

Omnipod is available through the pharmacy:

  • No technology lock-in or long-term commitment
  • Many can start on Omnipod regardless of existing DME lock-in period*
*Only available for users with valid prescription and coverage through their pharmacy benefit. Upgrades subject to user's insurance coverage. Subject to co-pay or co-insurance as required by insurance coverage.

Two Steps to Prescribe Omnipod DASH®:


Omnipod DASH Pods (Gen 4) Refill 5-pack
1 Pod every 2-3 days
2 Boxes (30-day supply)
11 refills
NDC # 08508-2000-05

Download and fill out this form to prescribe the DASH Personal Diabetes Manager (PDM), then fax it to ASPN pharmacies: 1-866-344-1450 If you prefer to call in the PDM prescription or require assistance with this step, you can call ASPN pharmacies at: 1-866-347-0036

Financial Assistance Programs May Be Available

Have your patients call customer care at 1-800-591-3455 to learn more.

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