Podders® in the Diabetes Community

Podders® worldwide, our community is as diverse as it gets.

Our Podders® choose Omnipod® because they trust us to help them manage their diabetesallowing them to live their lives to the fullest. And our work doesn’t stop there – we also collaborate with a variety of organizations in the diabetes community to advocate on behalf of people with diabetes.

1. Over 93% of Podders® we asked in the United States told us they trust their Omnipod® to manage their diabetes. The majority reported positive changes in the following: overall well-being (53.5%), perceived control over diabetes (72.5%), hypoglycemic safety (50.6%), and diabetes distress (69.6%).

Our Role in the Diabetes Community

Our insulin management system has already helped to improve the lives of many individuals across the globe, and we’re not stopping there. Through partnerships with a number of professional medical organizations and diabetes non-profit organizations, we support the diabetes community’s efforts to increase awareness, improve access and accelerate innovation.