90 Day Pod Promise Guarantee

Kaleb wears many different labels and with the help of the Omnipod DASH® he’s making diabetes management simple. With the tubeless freedom the Omnipod DASH® provides, Kaleb chooses to wear the labels he wants on his own terms. Discover how Omnipod® can simplify life with diabetes.

If within 90 days after receiving your Omnipod® you feel Pod Therapy is not for you, simply contact the Omnipod® Customer Care Program Team at: 1-855-POD-INFO (1-855-763-4636) and a refund will be issued to you* for the cost of the Personal Diabetes Manager (PDM) and the initial shipment of Pods. This is our Pod Promise to you.

* Refunds will be issued to you and your health insurance provider according to the amount actually paid for the product.

Interested in learning more about Omnipod® and how it can simplify your life with diabetes?  

Pod Promise Program 90-day money-back guarantee is subject to the following terms and conditions:

  • Only product(s) from your first Omnipod® Starter Kit shipment after enrolment are eligible for the Pod Promise Program 90-day money-back guarantee            
  • Request for a refund must be made within 90 days after receiving the system
  • The product must be returned within 14 days of the refund request date

Choosing an insulin pump is a big commitment, so make sure you discuss with your healthcare professional whether Omnipod® is a suitable option for you.

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