Stories of simpler lives.

Those using one of the Omnipod® wearable systems today remember what life was like before. It has made simple, but meaningful, differences in thousands of lives. That’s why they have such a strong community to support each other and spread the word. They call themselves Podders®.

I tried my first demo Pod at a lake. None of my friends even noticed.

Katie R.
Podder® since 2015

I have the freedom to do everything I did before I went on insulin.

John H.
Sponsored Podvocate
Podder since 2019

I’m now the driver of my disease instead of a passenger.

Sean Busby
Sponsored Podvocate
Podder® since 2012

97% would recommend Omnipod® to a friend

SOURCE: In a November 2019 satisfaction survey of 2,481 Omnipod DASH® and Omnipod® Insulin Management System users, 97% of respondents, if given the opportunity, would recommend the Omnipod® System to a friend or colleague. Insulet data on file.

#1 prescribed insulin management system for kids

SOURCE: dQA US Q4 2019 Diabetes Connections Patient Panel Report

Fewer steps, big points

Former NFL pro Kendall Simmons recalls sideline syringes and 10 finger-pricks a game. In a way, he felt like his own lab rat. Knowing what he knows now, he could’ve simplified things a long time ago.

Omnipod® has eliminated so many steps from my routine that I honestly haven't noticed until now.

Kendall Simmons
Sponsored Podvocate
Podder® since 2019

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