Virtual Personal Diabetes Manager

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What to expect from the Virtual Personal Diabetes Manager

The Omnipod DASH PDM is a lightweight, durable, touchscreen device that communicates wirelessly with the Bluetooth®-enabled Pod so you can deliver insulin without interruption. Try out the virtual PDM on your smartphone/tablet/computer and go through a variety of functions that you would like to explore in more detail. All the virtual PDM screens are interactive and you can use our video tutorials to test the features.
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Simple and interactive

Navigate through the easy-to-use virtual PDM, which is a simulation of our physical Omnipod DASH PDM.

Reduced risk of missed insulin dose

Access anywhere

Our virtual PDM is available on any smartphone, tablet or computer connected to the internet.

Higher patient engagement with their diabetes

No downloads

No app downloads required. You can use the virtual PDM on your browser.

Launch Virtual PDM

For the best virtual PDM experience we recommend using your mobile device. Please scan the QR code on your mobile device to start the virtual PDM experience.

If you are already on mobile: 

virtual pdm qr code virtual pdm qr code

How-to videos

To get the most out of your virtual PDM experience please check out our how-to videos. These videos will guide you on how to use the PDM and some of its most important features.

Introduction to Omnipod DASH PDM


How to Deliver an Immediate Bolus


How to Review the PDM History


Other functions of the PDM

Check other step-by-step instructions for more Omnipod DASH PDM functions.

Get the whole Omnipod DASH experience

For a comprehensive experience of Omnipod DASH, combine the tour of our virtual Personal Diabetes Manager with a Demo Pod by ordering our Pod Experience Kit (PEK). It's free and includes a needle-free, non-functioning Demo Pod to experience how a tubeless Pod feels.

Register for a live webinar!

Discover the freedom that Omnipod DASH can offer by registering for a free Pod Therapy 101 webinar.  This 60 minute live session includes topics such as how insulin pumps work, Omnipod DASH vs. MDI or tubed pumps, insurance coverage and more.