Contracts Shouldn’t Stand in the Way of Access to Innovation

No Contracts. No Commitments. Freedom from Tubes.

Innovation in insulin management is fast-evolving. We believe that you should have the freedom to prescribe the insulin pump that is right for your patients now, without guessing if it’ll still be the right fit four years from now. That is why Omnipod® is available for prescription through the pharmacy.

Omnipod 5 DASH Disclaimer Omnipod 5 DASH Disclaimer

What If My Patient Is Already Locked into a Contract?

Podder Poojah Shah Woman in Park Podder Poojah Shah Woman in Park

As Omnipod® is not prescribed through a DME, it may not interfere with existing DME contracts. You can prescribe it even if your patients are already in a contract with a DME pump.

What This Means for You & Your Patients

  • Prescribe Omnipod® the same way as prescribing insulin, without DME hurdles.
  • Thanks to streamlined prescribing through pharmacy, the time to get patients started on therapy could be improved.
  • Your patients won’t be locked into a contract with Omnipod. If another therapy is a better fit, they can switch away at any time.

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