My Journey with Type 1 Diabetes



From Signs and Symptoms to Diagnosis and Beyond

Hey Everyone. 

Back in January I celebrated my 13th diaversary. 13 whole years with T1D and wow-o-wow what a rollercoaster it has been. So many crazy ups and downs along the way but essentially, I am so happy with the person I am today, whether it’s the T1 that’s made me stronger or not, I am grateful.

But this got me thinking about 10-year-old me and how I was actually diagnosed and the symptoms that I suffered with beforehand. 

The First T1D Signs

Prior to any symptoms coming on though I was constantly sick with common colds or any common illness that you could think of; cough, sickness bug or high temperatures. My family and I remember it being strange, like it was just illness after illness after illness. I mean I did eventually recover, but my symptoms closely followed this. 

I find it super interesting because I remember at the time the doctor saying that this is what could have potentially ‘kick started’ my diabetes (fun, right?), but they couldn’t be sure. I’ve spoken to other people online who had have had similar experiences as well. If this is in anyway similar to your diagnosis story please let me know. 

My T1 Diabetes Diagnosis

From what I remember of my diagnosis I was really lucky to get diagnosed quite early on, sort of whilst I was only feeling my symptoms quite mildly. The main thing I remember was just peeing ALL THE TIME. I would be nonstop throughout the day and getting up LOADS in the night too, urgh. But, apart from that I don’t remember much else because I was only 10 years old but I asked my Mum (Mum to the rescue) and she said that I also lost loads of weight really quickly on top of all the constant peeing.

After this everything happened rather quickly. I remember doing a urine test because they thought I had a possible urine infection and only a day or two later they were asking my Mum to take me up to the hospital. It was all a bit of a blur, but I remember being sat on the hospital bed and having my glucose tested and they were around 17mmol/L. I remember loads of people coming to see me, doctors, nurses, a dietician and needles and test strips flying around and everything after that is history!

My T1D Symptoms

The symptoms I experienced are common symptoms of diabetes, but there are so many more to look out for which I’ll list below1. If you’re reading this, whether you’re diabetic or not, knowing this could potentially save someone’s life.

  • Peeing more often
  • Feeling extra thirsty, even after drinking
  • Feeling extra hungry, even after eating
  • Feeling overly tired
  • Having a blurry vision
  • Weight loss
  • Having bruises or cuts that can be slow to heal

Thank you if you’ve taken the time to read my diagnosis story, it means a lot to me.

See you next time.

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