Omnipod DASH® System Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ's from the Podders™

We have heard from many of you regarding your interest in the Omnipod DASH® System. We are thrilled at this response and can’t wait to help simplify diabetes management for you and your loved ones! Here is an update on the Omnipod DASH® System and answers to some of the community’s most frequently asked questions.


Questions about the Omnipod DASH® System

What is the Omnipod DASH® System?

When will the Omnipod DASH® System be available?

Which Blood Glucose Meters (BGM) or Continual Glucose Monitors (CGM) can be used with the Omnipod DASH® System?

Does the Omnipod DASH® System allow you to program a Zero Basal Rate?

What is the size of the Omnipod DASH® PDM?

What does Bluetooth® wireless technology mean as it relates to the Omnipod DASH® System?

Is the Omnipod DASH® PDM waterproof? Is the Pod still waterproof?

How long will it take to fully charge the Omnipod DASH® PDM battery?

Can I still dispose of the Omnipod DASH® System Pods like the old ones?

Can I take the Omnipod DASH® PDM through the x-ray machine at the airport?

What are the main differences between the new Omnipod DASH® System and the current Omnipod® System?

What languages is the Omnipod DASH® PDM Available in?

My current Omnipod® System is in warranty - if I have an issue with it that is covered under warranty, will you replace it with an Omnipod DASH® PDM?

Will my current Omnipod® System Pods work with the new Omnipod DASH® System?

How can you guarantee the correct Pods are supplied with the Omnipod DASH® PDM?

Is the Omnipod DASH® System Pod the same size as the current Omnipod® System Pod?

Does the Omnipod DASH® System Pod hold more or less insulin?

Does the Omnipod DASH® System Pod still provide up to three days worth of Insulin?

Will the current Omnipod® System be discontinued?

Can the Omnipod DASH® PDM data be uploaded to a data management system?

*Up to 72 hours of insulin delivery
†The Pod has a waterproof IP28 rating for up to 7.6 metres for 60 minutes. The PDM is not waterproof
‡At start-up, the Pod and Personal Diabetes Manager must be adjacent and touching. During normal operation, the Personal Diabetes Manager must be within 1.5 metres of the Pod.