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For people with type 1 diabetes, we know that choosing an insulin pump for the first time or changing from an existing one is not an easy decision.

The best starting point would be to speak to a type 1 diabetes healthcare professional about what insulin therapy options may be the most suitable, based on clinical and lifestyle needs.

We are also aware that four-year warranties on insulin pumps are typically viewed as “lock-in” periods and a potential barrier to patient choice.  

That’s why we strive to take steps to facilitate flexibility and reduce ‘lock-in’ periods on Insulet’s Pod Therapy technology.

The actual steps we take may vary by location, so our Omnipod® Specialist Team are here to  provide an overview of how we do this*.

*In some instances, a duty of confidentiality or other restrictions may prevent us from disclosing details regarding commercial relationships we have with third parties.

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