Cally R.

Podder® since 2018

Meet Cally, who has been on the Omnipod® System since 2018 and was first diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in 2008. She is currently at University where she is training to become a Children’s Nurse, and one day she hopes to become a specialist diabetes nurse. 

Previous to being on the Omnipod® System she was using another insulin pump. She was happy to have the opportunity to choose the Omnipod® System as it was at the very top of her list! Cally believes that it is really important for people to have a choice in their diabetes treatment and that it is a huge decision that needs a lot of exploring with your Healthcare provider to find the right treatment for you.


I love being able to put the Pod on different parts of the body and then being able to place the handset in my pocket or a bag.
The Omnipod® System was a perfect fit for me, being very active I knew that the ‘tubeless’ factor would be super beneficial.