6 Ways to Stay Positive: Type 1 Diabetes



Good morning. I feel like recently whenever I talk about my diabetes it always seems to be in a negative way but I swear it isn’t always bad. I do have a LOT of good days, like mostly good days, but I just don’t seem to talk about them as much.

Anyways, so recently I have been trying to change my mindset whenever I’m having one of those ‘bad days’ because I will be honest, I am a wrap up in my blanket and watch Netflix all day types of people.

I HAVE NO SHAME. But this doesn’t necessarily make my day any better. Wallowing in my pit of diabetes despair does nothing. So, I have been trying to do things that make me feel a little HAPPIER AND POSITIVE when things do not go my way.

1. Be a Little Easier on Yourself

2. Exercise

3. Go For a Walk

4. Meet Friends or Family

5. Read Blogs/ Listen to Podcasts

6. Celebrate the Little Things

Thank you guys so much for reading, I hope even one of these tips helps you along the way.

See you next time.

Cally x

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