Freedom to live your life with Pod Therapy.

We’re here to help you see if Pod Therapy is the right choice for you and to help kick off the discussion with your healthcare provider. To assist you in making the right choice, there are several resources at your disposal. 

No multiple daily injections

Wearing 1 Pod delivers up to 3 days of non-stop insulin.**

Small, discreet, and tubeless

No more wardrobe compromises. Wear what you want when you want.

Simplified mealtime maths

Let your PDM do the heavy lifting, with automatic bolus calculation.

Talk to an Omnipod® Specialist

The Omnipod® specialist team are here to help you, we will support your understanding of Pod therapy, provide demonstrations, ensure you are aware of how Omnipod® works and answer all your specific questions. If you are considering Omnipod® you have a choice of products, and we want to ensure you discuss the right one with your healthcare.

We will ensure you walk into your next appointment with your healthcare professional understanding how Omnipod® could support your diabetes management.

You can start by completing the form below and one of our team will reach out to arrange a sample Pod to be delivered to your front door. We will need to clarify your data before shipping the product by courier but hope to get this to you shortly, listen out for our call!

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Preferred Contact Time
An Omnipod® Specialist will try and call you within 5 working days to provide information about how to get the most of the Pod Experience Kit. 
* The Pod Experience Kit contains a needle-free Pod that does not deliver insulin. PDM is not included.
** Up to 72 hours of continuous insulin delivery with personalised basal rate settings.

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