My Life (with Diabetes) is Like a Party!



‘Life is a party, but you have to decorate the room yourself!’ It’s one of the most cliché sayings in the Netherlands, but it’s my life motto. A few years ago, I started decorating my life to turn it into a party. The decorations symbolize the chances I took, the friends I made and the adventures I went on. Before I tell you more about parties and decorations, I will introduce myself. My name is Myrthe, I’m 23 years old, I live in Friesland (the Netherlands) with my boyfriend and two cats, I love to cook and go for walks in nature. And I have type 1 diabetes.

Type 1 Diagnosis

I was 5 years old when I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. My diabetes celebrated its 18th birthday last January. 18 years of finger pricking, injecting, site changes and pod changes and counting carbohydrates. But it’s also been 18 years of doing my best, of trying to explain to people what the impact of diabetes really is and receive and deal with incomprehension from others. No, diabetes isn’t a party. Is it?

My Introduction to the Diabetes Online Community

When I was in high school, accepting my diagnosis was one of the biggest challenges. The thoughts "Why me?", "I hate diabetes" and "I don't want to be different" always haunted my mind. During my time in university when I studied Communications, I decided to write about balancing my blood sugars and daily life. I soon discovered the Diabetes Online Community.

I remember thinking: ‘Wow! There are so many people who experience exactly the same!’ Through hashtags such as #T1D, #T1Dlookslikeme and #type1 diabetes I got to know people who truly understand me. They understand the anxious feeling when you have a hypo. They understand it if you deal with a diabetes hangover due to annoying high bloodsugars at night. The people I met and talked to thanks to the online community, they definitely decorate my room, my life, to turn it into a fantastic party.

The Newest Technologies in Type 1 Give Me Hope!

I admired the latest insulin pumps and sensors and I regained hope. I hope that over the years diabetes becomes a little bit easier thanks to new technology. And who knows, maybe someday we’ll be witnesses to finding the cure for type 1 diabetes! That’s when I’ll throw the biggest party ever!

Diabetes Knowledge

Is my life already full of garlands, balloons and other decorations? Absolutely not. Another decoration is the diabetes knowledge I gained when I became active in the Diabetes Online Community. I learned so much about my diagnosis. I saw I’m not the only one who experiences that diabetes has a huge impact on both your physical and mental health.

I also learned more about the effect of a pre-bolus (a bolus before your meal). I also saw that a huge number of books have been written about diabetes. I read them all. All of that led to me believing in myself again. I have a lot more confidence when it comes to my diabetes management. And I have the Diabetes Online Community and myself to thank for that.

Blogging for Insulet

Is there room for even more decoration in my life? Always. This is my first blog for Insulet. I will write blogs about my life with diabetes. This way I can create more awareness about diabetes. A great opportunity that I take with both hands. Do you have diabetes? My blogs will be a joy of recognition. Does a family member or friend of yours have diabetes? My blogs may help you understand the diagnosis a little bit better.

I am looking forward to giving you a glimpse into my life with diabetes. 

Cheers to the beautiful things in life and I’ll talk to you soon!



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