Pod Case

Due to an update in our manufacturing processes, all Pods will now have a small indentation on the straight edge of the casing.

What is this change to the Pod OR why did you make this change to the Pod?

Will this affect all Omnipod Pods?

Is this change going to impact the integrity or waterproof rating of the Pod?

When should I expect to see this change on my Omnipod Pods?

Does this change how I use my Omnipod from today?

Do I continue to use the fill port on the back of the Pod to fill my Pod with insulin?

I have a stockpile of Pods for my current device. Are they still ok to use even if they don’t have the new design?

My prescription for Omipod System / Omnipod DASH / Omnipod 5 has not change, but my Pods look different. Is this the same Pod?