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Prescribing the Omnipod DASH® System may meet the needs of patients and your practice

Making a change in your patient’s diabetes management can be a complicated task for you and challenging for your patients. But it does not have to be. Prescribing the Omnipod DASH® System means prescribing an insulin delivery system that simplifies everyday diabetes management1 providing flexibility and freedom to your patients.

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We believe in freedom of choice

For people with type 1 diabetes, we know that choosing an insulin pump for the first time or changing from an existing one is not an easy option. 

We are also aware that four-year warranties on insulin pumps are typically viewed as ‘lock-in’ periods and a potential barrier to patient choice.  

That why we strive to take steps to facilitate flexibility and reduce ‘lock-in’ periods with the Omnipod DASH® System.  

The actual steps we take may vary by location, to understand more on how we do this; contact your local Omnipod® Representative or request a call-back. 

What you need to know about an Omnipod DASH® System prescription

It’s simple to get patients started

Get patients off to a smooth start:

Our virtual and in-person training allows patients to get started on the Omnipod DASH® System from anywhere. With comprehensive and personalized training that is freely available, your patients will have the support they need to better utilize all of the features of their new Omnipod®.



* This programme is subject to the diabetes healthcare provider agreeing to participate and is limited to one PDM per customer. The Omnipod DASH® PDM must be returned within 30 days of the 90-day period ending to obtain a refund for the cost of the PDM; the cost of Omnipod DASH® Pods is not refunded. Insulet reserves the right to modify or cancel this programm at its discretion.
† Omnipod® Support Programme may not be available in all countries. Please contact your local Insulet Customer Care team to discuss what is available in your country.

What the Omnipod DASH® System provides for your patients and practice

prescription 30

What is in a prescription?

One prescription provides a patient with 30 empty, tubeless and waterproof* Pods.

The Omnipod DASH® System consists of two parts. A smartphone-like controller called the personal diabetes manager (PDM) as well as the small, tubeless Pods which deliver insulin to people living with Type 1 diabetes.

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Simplify Pod placement

With the Omnipod DASH® System, it’s easy for patients to digitally track and rotate the placement sites of their Pods.




Capture diagramm control

Control is in your patients’ hands

The wireless smartphone-like Personal Diabetes Manager (PDM) uses Bluetooth® to connect and control the Pod and its insulin delivery.

The PDM lets patients remotely and discreetly manage their insulin delivery, based on their activity level and meals, with a few finger taps.

There are also presets that allow patients to set zero basal and fractional Insulin-to-Carbohydrate (IC) ratios2, simplifying insulin delivery for a range of people with Type 1 diabetes, regardless of age or size.3,4

track patient

Track patient progress

Gain deeper insights into your patients’ progress through the Insulet-provided Glooko® platform, which gives your care team access to up-to-date patient data through the cloud.

You can easily manage your patient’s Insulin-to-Carbohydrate (IC) ratio, Correction Factor, Target Blood Glucose and Duration of Insulin Action, making patient visits more productive.

*The Pod has an IP28 rating for up to 7.6 meters for 60 minutes. The PDM is not waterproof.
†At start up the PDM and pod should be adjacent and touching, either in or out of tray, to ensure proper communication during priming and within 1.5 meters during normal operation.

Choosing an insulin for the Omnipod DASH® System

The Omnipod DASH® System is designed to be used with a variety of rapid-acting U-100 insulins, giving you the freedom to prescribe the most appropriate treatment for your patient.

(Ensure that patients have a separate prescription for insulin.) The following U-100 rapid acting insulin analogues have been tested and found safe for use in the Pod2*:

  • NovoRapid
  • Fiasp
  • Humalog
  • Admelog
  • Apidra
* NovoRapid, Fiasp, Humalog, and Admelog are compatible with Omnipod DASH for up to 72 hours. Apidra is compatible with Omnipod DASH for use up to 48 hours

Which patients might benefit from making the switch to the Omnipod DASH® System?

Patients who find diabetes management complex

The Omnipod DASH® System is designed to help simplify the management of Type 1 diabetes1, and has been shown to fit with all ages and lifestyles.3,4 Our Podders® are a variety of patient types, from parents learning how to manage their child’s needs to adults and older patients who want freedom from multiple daily injections (MDI).3,4

Patients struggling to maintain glycaemic control

[Clinical studies have shown that 69% of adults5 and 90% of children6 are not meeting recommended targets (58 mmol/ mol and 48 mmol/mol, respectively).] Poor control of HbA1c is associated with higher risk of future complications.7

Multiple real-world studies of people with Type 1 diabetes have demonstrated that the Omnipod® System is associated with improved glycaemic control, leading to an improved outlook for patients with Type 1 diabetes.4,8,9

Patients who feel burdened by diabetes management

Using the Omnipod DASH® System has been shown to decrease diabetes distress10 while improving overall quality of life7, supporting patient well-being and potentially easing the burden of diabetes management.7 In a survey conducted after 30 days of use of the Omnipod® Insulin Management System, the vast majority (97%) of Podders™ said they would recommend the system to a friend.11

Prescribing Omnipod® for Children

  • Omnipod DASH® allows the ability to set Zero Basal Rate and set Fractional Carb Ratios (0.1g/U).2
  • Simplifies dosing with Bluetooth wireless technology. Giving parents control to remotely adjust their child’s insulin without multiple daily injections.*
  • Provides freedom to let kids move and play freely with a tubeless and waterproof Pod.2

Prescribing Omnipod® for Adults

  • You can streamline insulin delivery with advanced personalization features including the ability to set presets.2
  • Provide your patients freedom from multiple insulin injections.
  • Enable discreet dosing on the go with a small, tubeless pod that is controlled via Bluetooth® and wireless* technology.
* At start up the PDM and pod should be adjacent and touching, either in or out of tray, to ensure proper communication during priming and within 1.5 meters during normal operation.


Give your patients the freedom of the Omnipod DASH® System

Ordering the Omnipod DASH® System for your patients is quick and easy. Just download and complete the form from our ordering page.

How to get started

To help you and your patients enjoy a successful start, we offer rich, easy-to-understand training modules to outline both the basics and in-depth details about the Omnipod DASH® System.

Meet some of our Podders®

I have run over woods with the Omnipod® System for 13 hours and it was over 13500 feet in elevation. I have also done surfing... in and out of the water*, I really put it to the test.

Marcus B.
Podder® since 2017

Catch him if you can!

Marcus has a talent for marathons and more. Training daily and competing with athletes in challenging events has become integral to the way he successfully manages diabetes, he believes.

* The Pod has an IP28 rating for up to 7.6 meters for 60 minutes. The PDM is not waterproof.

Arrange a meeting with an Omnipod® representative

Do you have questions about the Omnipod DASH® System? Our team is on call to provide you with the information you need and help you to determine which of your patients could best benefit from the Omnipod DASH® System.

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