How the Omnipod DASH® System may help improve Quality of Life1

Prescribing freedom with the Omnipod DASH® System

When treating people living with T1D, one of the considerations is their ability to be healthy, comfortable, and enjoy life events. Fortunately, the Omnipod DASH® System, which consists of a lightweight, smartphone-like Personal Diabetes Manager (PDM) and wearable pod2, has been shown to increase Quality of Life1, while also demonstrating improved glycaemic control in people with T1D1,3,4,5 and associated with reduced acute complications in real world studies.6

Efforts to prevent complications of diabetes often overlook its effect on Quality of Life (QoL)7

When treating T1D, improvements in treatment satisfaction are often viewed as improvement in overall QoL. This fails to take into account the limited scope of the satisfaction measure. To measure quality of life, it is necessary to not only take into account treatment satisfaction but also the impact that diabetes and its treatment can have on other factors that could affect Quality of Life.7

The Omnipod® System decreases diabetes distress while increasing QoL1

The Omnipod® System showed improvement in overall QoL and reduction in diabetes distress, supporting patient well-being.1

Perceived change in diabetes related stress:

column graph diabetes study decreased distress Quality of Life column graph diabetes study decreased distress Quality of Life

Study design

Percentage of patients reporting improved QoL in a US survey1


Study design

97% of US Podders® would recommend the Omnipod® System to a friend8

In an Omnipod® System survey, conducted after 30 days of use, the vast majority (97%) of Podders® said they would recommend the system8 to a friend.

US customer satisfaction survey8

column graph diabetes survey satisfaction column graph diabetes survey satisfaction

Survey design

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Providing a perceived increase in Quality of Life1, the Omnipod® System has also been associated with improved glycaemic control3,4,5 and a reduction in acute complications of diabetes.6

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