Diabetes Data Management for the Omnipod® System

Insulet Partnering with Glooko and diasend gives you and your diabetes healthcare professional access to your diabetes information. A diabetes management platform available to Podders™ at no additional cost, Insulet Partnering with Glooko and diasend consolidates your diabetes data from your Omnipod® System Personal Diabetes Manager, Dexcom® CGM monitor, blood glucose meter and fitness tracker in one user-friendly platform that you can access from home on your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Insulet Partnering with Glooko and diasend allows you to automatically review and share your data with your diabetes healthcare team so that they can provide remote support. Plus, the data management platform features easy-to-read graphs and charts that enable you and your healthcare provider to more clearly see the correlation between your activities and your blood glucose levels, which you can then use to optimise your insulin management plan.

Kelly L. podder since 2014
Kelly L. Podder™ since 2014

* To download data from your OmniPod® PDM to Mac computers manufactured before mid-2012 utilising Apple’s OS X El Capitan or Sierra software, it is recommended to use a USB hub